GIFT PACKS Algologie, FleurDeMer, Osaine, Direct From the Therapist

GIFT PACKS Algologie, FleurDeMer, Osaine Sincerity Direct From the Therapist. Give loved ones special Packs and let them experience some beautiful products for the Sea.

Packs are a great way to present to that particular person who may not have ever tried  Algologie, Fleur De Mer, Osaine or Sincerity.    Our beautiful packs change regularly.  We have a special from  Algologie, Fleur De Mer, Sincerity and Osaine.

Our Packs can even be sent out for you; direct Direct from the Therapist; we Can even gift Wrap and place a card for any occasion for you.

Everyone loves a Prezzie! Especially when they are in Pretty packs.  They can be filled with a variety of exciting new products to try.  That special person will remember that lovely gift specially wrapped just for them.  Furthermore, and sent to them with love just from you!

  • Maceration Centella bonus Centella Set

    Maceration Centella bonus Centella Set

    $176.00 Sale!
  • Algologie Maceration Centella Repair Kit

    Maceration Centella Repair Kit

    $57.00 Sale!
  • Sincerity Hair & Scalp Shampoo Serum Dual Pack

    Sincerity Hair & Scalp Shampoo Serum Dual Pack

  • FleurDeMer Sunscreen SoftMedium/Lip Pack

    FleurDeMer Sunscreen SoftMedium/Lip Pack

    $99.00 Sale!
  • FleurDeMer Sunscreen Light/Lip Pack

    FleurDeMer Sunscreen Light/Lip Pack

    $99.00 Sale!
  • Algologie Cleanser Toner Pack

    Algologie Cleanser Toner Pack

    $96.00 Sale!
  • FleurDeMer Sunscreen Medium/Lip Pack

    FleurDeMer Sunscreen Medium/Lip Pack

    $99.00 Sale!
  • Rivage Anti Ageing PackageRivage Anti Ageing Package

    Rivage Anti Ageing Package

    $380.00 Sale!
  • Vitamin AB&C20% Pack

    Vitamin AB&C20% Pack

    $249.00 Sale!
  • Rivage Lifting Set

    Rivage Lifting Set

    $130.00 Sale!
  • DesDunes Plus Repair Kit

    DesDunes Plus Repair Kit

    $383.00 Sale!
  • Plumping Cream & Mask

    Plumping Cream & Mask

    $140.00 Sale!
  • Presquile Free Micellar Set 

    Presquile Free Micellar Set 

    $148.00 Sale!
  • Drainage Body Bath Oil

    Drainage Body Bath Oil

    $57.50 Sale!
  • DesVagues Hydration Bonus Set

    DesVagues Hydration Bonus Set

    $93.00 Sale!