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Algologie Presquile Plumping Cream


 It has longer lasting hydration.

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Plumping Eye & Lip Balm


A 3 in 1 balm so as to help reduce dark circles, puffiness and fine lines and wrinkles.

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La Presquile  Plumping Serum


Global Anti Ageing Range is Particularly for the more mature, over 50s. 

La Presquile  Plumping Serum, it plumps, nourishes, stimulates skin cell production. A concentrated and targeted action for wrinkles,
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Redensifying & Plumping Mask


Not only does it comfort and nourish face and neck but it very deeply moisturises and plumps. This action leaves skin looking visibly younger.

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Plumping Cream & Elixir-Serum Pack

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Plumping Cream & Elixir-Serum Pack

Purchase Plumping Cream & Serum pack to combat fine lines, plumping and wrinkles.  
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PRESQU’ILE Serum Elixir

PRESQU'ILE Serum Elixir inspired by the science of skin stem cells, is infused with pro-regenerating algae & light booster to correct all signs of ageing.
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DE LA Presqu’ile Anti Ageing for Mature Skin

For a PLUMPING UP action for mature skin, with ingredients that hydrate with a plumping effect to make the skin look like it has less fine lines. Improves the tightening of the skin.

DE LA Presqu’ile Anti Ageing for Mature Skin  PARTICULARLY FOR THE OVER 50s

Here in Australia we all look older than we really should after we reach the age of 50. This is mainly because of the burning sun and its called
premature aging. But don’t be concerned. These products address the cause and treatment of this enormous problem, making your skin look younger and healthier as soon as you start using them.
They also intensely hydrate the dry, dehydrated skin so frequently associated with both premature aging and menopause.