dry / mature / aged is a combination of skin types that can be similar to treat. We work on hydration suitable for all these skin types.

Skin goes through a lot of changes as you age dry/ mature / aged.  These types of skin really need to be looked after to help preserve and to minimize potential conditions caused by the dryness and irritations as well and environmental conditions.

Menopause can make women more prone to dry skin with hormonal changes. Which gives the skin a flakey appearance and it can also be an issue for people with mature skin, especially in the winter.  Itchiness and dry skin patches are a common occurrence of older people develop a condition called “winter itch,” which occurs when dry indoor heat or cold outdoor temperatures make skin particularly dry and itchy.  Skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea and keratoses can also develop in old age. In fact, there are certain types of eczema that appear only in people in the late 50’s.