Direct from the Therapist is a professional place to buy your online products, with confidence and great service.  Algologie natural products come from the sea.  Algologie skincare is made in France, from the finest filtered Seaweed extracts. At Direct from the Therapist, we can help you, with the full range of Algologie and also Fleur De Mer,  products.

Maintaining beauty, preserving youthfulness and improving well being internally is the philosophy of Algologie.  We have chosen the Pen Lan Peninsula in Brittany for its location on this extreme north coast of France,

Natural Beauty From The Sea… to look your very best.

If you have chosen Algologie for your skin care then we congratulate you. You have chosen very, very well. This is because you have taken an important and proven step in maintaining
the health and beauty of your skin. Also in preventing and even reversing unfortunate
premature skin ageing.

For our skin to function at it’s very best we are all born with an ability to sustain essential vitamins, minerals and proteins etc. from our diet. However these become harder to maintain and thus become depleted with age or through neglect, overexposure to the sun, stress, inadequate diet etc. This leads to our skins premature ageing such as fine lines, dryness,
blemishes and tired and dull skin.

But these very same valuable elements can be found in the seaweeds and seawater harvested by Algologie in the North Sea of Brittany, France. Once the cellular wall of the seaweed is burst by crushing or micronisation all these valuable elements are released. Then they are introduced into our Algologie skincare products and when applied to the skin are readily absorbed. It is then that they begin to intensely replace what has been lost.
The result. Perfect anti-ageing with a visible stimulation and revitalisation of tired-looking skin and a noticeably younger, fresher and healthier-looking skin.

Of course, we all want to look and feel younger, more attractive and healthy. Algologie consists of a comprehensive range of products with 100% natural active ingredients from the sea combined in some products with other important and natural ingredients. It doesn’t matter what type of skin you have Algologie has the right product for you.
It is no wonder that Algologie is one of the world leaders in professional marine skincare including Australia and New Zealand with over 600 retail outlets. This is mainly because no other skincare products can match the power of nature for lovely, healthy skin.

  • Algologie Skin Repair Kit

  • Body Multi-Purpose Oil

    Body Multi-Purpose Oil

    $41.00 Sale!
  • Des Dunes Repair Kit

    Des Dunes Repair Kit

    $255.00 Sale!
  • Des Vagues Hydration Booster

    Des Vagues Hydration Booster

    $147.00 Sale!
  • Des Vagues Sleeping Mask

    Des Vagues Sleeping Mask

  • Detox Clean Duo 400ml

    Detox Clean Duo 400ml

    $132.00 Sale!
  • Indispensible Oxygenating Cleansing Kit

    Indispensible Oxygenating Cleansing Kit

    $50.00 Sale!
  • Micellar L'archipel Cleansing Gel

    Micellar L’archipel Cleansing Gel

  • Rich Cream 2022 Repair KitRich Cream 2022 Repair Kit

    Rich Cream 2022 Repair Kit

    $194.00 Sale!
  • Rich Cream Detox 2022 Repair KitRich Cream Detox 2022 Repair Kit

    Rich Cream Detox 2022 Repair Kit

    $192.00 Sale!
  • Rivage Lifting Set

    Rivage Lifting Set

    $130.00 Sale!
  • Rivage Night 2022 Repair KitRivage Night 2022 Repair Kit

    Rivage Night 2022 Repair Kit

    $224.00 Sale!
  • Rivage Night Balm Set

    Rivage Night Balm Set

    $189.00 Sale!
  • Sentisive Dune Duo 400ml

    Sentisive Dune Duo 400ml

    $132.00 Sale!
  • Shower Gel & Revitalising Milk Duo

    $40.00 Sale!