Algologie Des Dunes Lotion

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Algologie Des Dunes Lotion

Algologie Des Dunes Lotion is the New & Improved Soft Freshness Lotion


All products now contain Algologie’s remarkable Algo4 complex. 4 powerful seaweed extracts mixed
together being Undaria, Porphyridium, Eryngium and Criste Marine. It protects, oxygenates,
nourishes and stimulates skin as never before.
We have added a few extra natural seaweed extracts too which make the range perfectly suitable for
even very sensitive skin.

Plus Algologie Des Dunes new formulation full range contains three dynamic ingredients which can also help to make skin less sensitive when used on a regular basis.
ASCOPHYLLUM: which protects the skin from the effects of pollution and strengthens the skin
SEA CHAMOMILE: Powerful anti-inflammatory to reduce discomforts such as irritation, tightness, and redness.
RHODOSORUS: A powerful soothing seaweed which significantly reduces skin sensitivity
Algologie Des Dunes Lotion is specially formulated for all skin types and particularly sensitive. A very lightly colored clear toner with
a natural fragrance that helps to protect skin from the harmful effects of pollution. It also reduces
feelings of discomfort such as irritation and tightness. It also minimizes redness while improving the
freshness and appearance of skin. And importantly maintains optimum pH.

KEY INGREDIENTS (totally alcohol-free)
Algo4 Complex : To protect, oxygenate, nourish and very gently stimulate.
Ascophyllum Nodosum: A brown seaweed that protects the skin from the effects of pollution and
strengthens the skin’s barrier by blocking pollutants.
Rhodosorus Marinus: This powerful soothing ingredient obtained with biotechnology significantly
reduces skin sensitivity.
Sea Chamomile: Powerful protective and soothing properties. Rich in Selenium (anti-oxidant), Zinc
(anti-redness and irritation) and Calcium (skin soother).
Chamomile: Proven calming and soothing properties
Calendula: Softens and soothes the skin.
Gulf Stream Seawater: With 96 minerals and trace elements it re-mineralizes the skin.

Apply thoroughly to face and neck after cleansing.

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