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Des Dunes Triple C Cream

Helps normal to combination sensitive skins to recover uniform complexion while bringing hydration, protection.
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Algologie Centella Asiatica Serum

Algologie Centella Asiatica Serum   This Serum is also  used with Algae Maceration will boost the skins appearance and skin health.
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Des Dunes Cleansing Milk

Des Dunes Cleansing Milk  APPEARANCE AND PROPERTIES Formulated for all skin types and particularly sensitive. A very soft yet rich
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Algologie Des Dunes Soothing Cream

Algologie Des Dunes Soothing Cream. This is a unique silky texture melts easily & instantly into the skin and it's just incredibly soothing.
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Maceration Centella bonus Centella Set

Maceration Centella Set & bonus Centella Provides brilliant and quick repair of skin tissue and wounds including recently caused scars, burns and other skin disorders.

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Marin Hydro-Protecting Cream


A hydrating and revitalising protective cream.

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Maceration Centella Repair Kit

Maceration Centella Repair Kit Algae Maceration 30ml Centella 50ml These concentrates used in conjunctions work like Antibiotics for the skin
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FDM Rosacea Sensitive Serum


Millions of men and women suffer from facial skin redness.

Rosacea and Sensitive Skin Serum

For facial redness

The Cause

Millions of men and women suffer from inflammatory overreactions leading to facial skin redness. This impacts greatly on ones personal appearance and personal self esteem. This redness can be hereditary or caused and exacerbated by environmental conditions, skin care products, foods, allergies etc. It is very important to understand that people have different reactions to the same ingredient or product or external elements. What’s perfectly acceptable to some can create problems with others.

The Symptoms

  • Dilation of capillaries making them more obvious
  • Inflammation and erythema
  • Couperose and a red flaky appears
  • Post inflammatory pigmentations
  • A reduction in skin firmness and elasticity
  • Skin that is more vulnerable to sun damage
  • Skin that blushes easily and becomes extremely sensitive.
  • Redness, permanent or temporary, linked to rosacea and telangiectasia.

The Treatment

Diagnosis is difficult because any of the above problems can appear, disappear and then reappear. But it very rarely reverses itself and almost always becomes worse without effective treatment … SO START TREATING ASAP …… SAY NO TO … Witch Hazel, Fragrance, Menthol, Peppermint, AHA’S exfoliants, claybased masks, hot liquid and temperatures, spicy foods, alcohol, sun exposure, stress, saunas, smoking, massage and anything that stimulates skin and circulation. SAY YES TO AN EFFECTIVE SERUM … Fleur De Mer’s Rosacea & Sensitive Skin Serum is providing a very effective and very fast reduction in facial redness. Some users report results in just 3 or 4 days.

What it contains and how it works

This serum is a potent blend of the most active and most importantly proven anti inflammatories together with a very newly and successfully researched peptide to intensify and quicken the benefits of your usual sensitive skin products and treatments. Newly developed peptide: Deals with the symptoms which are the source of the problem … not directly lightening or soothing the skin. Proven results. Research papers available from us. Noticeable reduction in the appearance and intensity of rosacea and all the above associated problems in just 7 days. Excellent improvement after just 4 weeks. Salicylic Acid: Just enough to remove excess dry flaky skin. Anti inflammatory properties to reduce redness. Horse Chestnut: Proven to reduce the redness of rosacea and its associated problems in just 28 days. Also reduces the permeability of capillaries making it effective with fragile or broken capillaries. and many more anti inflammatories and ingredients to calm and help heal damaged skin.

How to get the best results from Rosacea and Sensitive Skin Serum

Apply twice daily under your skin care.
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Algologie Des Dunes Lotion

Algologie Des Dunes Lotion Algologie Des Dunes Lotion is the New & Improved Soft Freshness Lotion APPEARANCE AND PROPERTIES All
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Des Dunes Soothing Serum

Algologie Des Dunes Soothing Serum A highly concentrated serum for more intensive and rapid results, Skin should soon with less sensitivity.
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Des Vagues Replenishing Booster

Des Vagues Replenishing Booster, The whole range of products, optimise the results.  It enhances the skin's hydration for both instant and long-term outcomes, rebalances dry skin—water reserves in the epidermis, and stimulates water circulation between cells.

Your skin can be immediately hydrated at 91%, and skin immediately replenished and plumped up at 83%

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Fruit Acid Hand & Body

Active Fruit Acid Cream Acts considerably stronger in Fruit Acids for the face, therefore works on the body at a more intense level.
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Eczema Psoriasis Dermatitis

Skin Specialists don’t know the exact cause of eczema. However, it’s thought that it’s a combination of genetic and environmental factors.   
Consequently, Similar to psoriasis, it’s inflammation in the skin.  It’s known to be related to an irritant or an allergen that triggers the immune system.  Irritants may cause rash and eczema to flare up and become inflamed.
However, Typically mild eczema-psoriasis-dermatitis outbursts have the same treatment. This can usually be treated naturally with creams that reduce inflammation in the skin.
Consequently, Doctors will typically prescribe topical steroid creams; however other non-steroidal eczema creams may also be helpful.
Common triggers for psoriasis include stress, illness, injury to the skin and certain medications and flare it up.
An eczema skin condition causes itchy, red, dry, and irritated skin. The condition is also called atopic dermatitis. It typically starts during infancy or early childhood and into adulthood. However, eczema can occur at any age. Therefore, It’s wondered how much environmental conditions play a part in these conditions.