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DesVague Hydra-Refreshing Exfoliating Cream

DesVague Hydra-Refreshing Exfoliating Cream  . Soft creamy texture with ultra-fine exfoliating particles. For Dry, dehydrated skin leaving it clear and smooth.
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Algologie Hand & Nails Cream

Algo3 Complex and in nourishing active ingredients protects, repairs and softens dry hands.
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Body Multi-Purpose Oil


Pen Lan Oil - Universal Body & Hair Oil

Body & Hair Oil By Algologie this is a real beauty! Amazing smell and feel. For the whole body & for the hair, apply to the body and hair ends to moisturize

A deliciously scented oil that instantly sublimates the skin with a light satin veil. Enhances the body and the hair. Nourishes and hydrates deeply. ALGO 4® An exclusive bio-mimetic complex composed of 4 active ingredients derived from extremophilic plants which meets the 4 fundamental needs of the skin: protect, oxygenate, nourish, stimulate. REGENERATE - HAZELNUT OIL Emollient and regenerating action. Softens and softens, especially dry and tight skin. SUBLIMATE - CAMELIA OIL Very gentle, it repairs dry, fragile or devitalized skin and gives the skin a velvety feel. SOFTEN - SWEET ALMOND OIL Softening and fortifying, it activates the repair of the skin. RESTRUCTURE - BORAGE OIL It is recognized for its restructuring and moisturizing properties. USE Apply morning and/or evening to the whole body to satin and sublimate the skin. For the hair, apply morning and /or evening to the ends to moisturize and sublimate. 100% natural origin.
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Agologie Seasalt Body Scrub

Seasalt Body Scrub & Essential Oils A body scrub containing 100% natural Guerande Salt which gently exfoliates youthful looking skin.
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Drainage Body Bath Oil

Algologie Drainage Body Bath Oil 3 aromatherapy essential oils evolve into a milky emulsion of fragrance when water is added. leaves skin firm & supple.
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Algologie Slimming Serum

Algologie Active Slimming Serum This highly performant serum activates lipolysis and drains to remove and eliminates fatty deposits.
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Algologie Jardin Body Balm

Works exceptionally well in cold, dry, windy winter days.  Hence, the skin all over your body will be nourished and hydrated and protected with this delicious NEW Body Balm.
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Algologie Revitalising Body Milk

 Algologie Revitalising Body Milk A luscious creamy gel that provides an effective treatment that combines the strength of the fantastic Algo 4 complex.
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ShowerGel & Revitalising Milk

Shower Gel & Revitalising Milk Duo 200MLS Feel the softness & delicate scent… offers a real moment of escapism Like floating in the ocean.
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Jardin Cream & Exfoliating Cream Set

Jardin Cream & Exfoliating Cream Set Jardin Marin Cream Jardin Marin Hydra-Refreshing Exfoliating Cream Gorgeous Linen look Bathroom Gift bag.
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Body Beautiful Exfoliation Kit

Excellent Christmas Gift Body Exfoliation Kit ShowerGel & Revitalising Milk Gel & Sea Sponge and bathroom Bag. offers a real moment escapism of floating in the ocean.
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Skin Revive-N-Overhaul Set

Contains Body scrub with sea salt & Essential Oils, Multipurpose Hair & Body Oil, Bath N Shower Oil and  Revitalising & Nourishing Balm.
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Marine Garden Revitalising Body
ALGO 4 COMPLEX: A complex of 4 seaweed extracts to oxygenate, protect,
nourish and stimulate the skin.

This prestigious range of body products helps to restore, protect and nourish your skin. Targeting:
1 Regaining suppleness
2 Firmness
3 Comfort
4 Hydration
5 Nourishment
A cocktail of powerful active ingredients to help maintain and restore your skin in peak condition. Leaving the skin silky soft to touch and looking noticeably younger and healthier.

Marine Garden Revitalising Body revitalises lack lustre skins with
Marine Oligo Elements, while nourishing, protecting, improving texture & restoring balance. Therefore restoring the skin balance all year
round. Powerful Marine extracts combined with vitamins & minerals, replenish when the skin is overworked and damaged by environmental
stresses of todays lifestyle. The added benefit of Hyaluronic Acid provides long term hydration & restores the oil/water balance in the skin. A perfect
first step into using professional skin care.