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Agologie Seasalt Body Scrub

Seasalt Body Scrub & Essential Oils A body scrub containing 100% natural Guerande Salt which gently exfoliates youthful looking skin.
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Fruit Acid Hand & Body

Active Fruit Acid Cream Acts considerably stronger in Fruit Acids for the face, therefore works on the body at a more intense level.
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ShowerGel & Revitalising Milk

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Shower Gel & Revitalising Milk Duo 200MLS Feel the softness & delicate scent… offers a real moment of escapism Like floating in the ocean.
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Body Beautiful Exfoliation Kit

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Excellent Christmas Gift Body Exfoliation Kit ShowerGel & Revitalising Milk Gel & Sea Sponge and bathroom Bag. offers a real moment escapism of floating in the ocean.
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Body Exfoliators remove excess and dry flaking skin cells from the body.
Body exfoliants gently shed dead skin cells & reveal a natural radiance of healthy-looking skin.
Chemical exfoliants are not scrubs. Most are non-abrasive, gentle AHA exfoliants, and BHA exfoliant peels gently shed dead skin cells. This exfoliation helps remove built-up dead skin cells and clogged pores and smoothing the texture of the skin.
They leave the skin ready for moisture penetration, leaving the skin with a beautiful canvas to add oils, moisturisers, and lotions.