Lami Range oily problematic Green Line  Helps the effects on the skin for shine on the whole face, dilated pores, blackheads. Helps with skin imperfections, thick skin, poor makeup hold. Osaìne Linea Verde is specially designed for an immediate response to these problems.

Lami Range oily problematic skin range contains Laminarghane® It is an extract obtained from the Titrated laminaria seaweed.  Thanks to the high content of phlorotannins, minerals, trace elements and sugars, is used to combat the proliferation of skin bacteria in oily skin. In addition to reducing bacterial proliferation, Laminarghane® inhibits the degradation of the testosterone contained in the sebum in a by-product. Dihydrotestosterone, which is recognized as responsible for the malfunctioning of the sebaceous gland.

  • Osaine Lamigel Purifying Cleanser

    Osaine Lamigel Purifying Cleanser

  • Osaine Lamimask Purifing Mask

    Osaine Lamimask Purifing Mask

  • OSaine Lamitonic Purifying Lotion

    OSaine Lamitonic Purifying Lotion

  • Osaine Lamicontrol NightCream

    Osaine Lamicontrol NightCream

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  • Osaine Lamiserum Serum

    Osaine Lamiserum Serum

    $99.95 Sale!
  • Osaine Lami Starter Pack

    Osaine Lami Starter Pack

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  • Osaine Lami Rescue Set

    Osaine Lami Rescue Set

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  • Osaine Lamimat Hydra Cream

    Osaine Lamimat Hydra Cream