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Algologie Centella Asiatica Serum

Algologie Centella Asiatica Serum   This Serum is also  used with Algae Maceration will boost the skins appearance and skin health.
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FDM Cleansing Granules

These granules help to flush out blocked congestion in pores which otherwise cause blackheads, acne and skin problems.
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Fruit Acid Cleansing Milk

It all starts happening more quickly than you could ever have imagined … a new bloom, new vitality and new radiance for your skin from day 1!
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FDM Multi Treatment Cream

A quality moisturiser every day and night.
Multi-Treatment Cream – is packed with active ingredients including COLLAGEN - an Essential ingredient for supporting the skin, providing strength, firmness and hydration. As we age so our collagen decreases in the skin... It must be replenished so as to create once more, a firm hydrated complexion with reduced signs of wrinkles.
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Algologie Deep Cleansing Gel

The Deep Cleansing Gel for all skin types is a fluid and non foaming gel respectful of cutaneous PH.
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FDM Triple Action Cleanser


A scientifically formulated thicker milk that moisturises, refreshers and softens while it cleanses.   Three in One.

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FDM Daily Mini Peel Powder


Peeling your face is the quickest most effective way to achieve instantly, a lovelier more youthful appearance.

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Maceration Centella Repair Kit

Maceration Centella Repair Kit Algae Maceration 30ml Centella 50ml These concentrates used in conjunctions work like Antibiotics for the skin
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FDM Vitamin C 20% Serum

Fleur De Mer Vitamin C 20% Serum Specially formulated to deliver very high concentrations (11% and 20%) into your skin providing normal, ageing or damaged skin with …
  • Improved, revitalised and a younger looking appearance particularly when skin is sun damaged or prematurely ageing.
  • Lightening of blemishes and pigmentations
  • Reduced signs of fine lines
  • Stimulated collagen for firmer, more hydrated skin
  • Greater skin protection because of its potent anti-oxidant properties.
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FDM Natural Facial Skin Oil


 Apricot Oil/Jojoba Oil/Carrot Oil/Macadamia Oil: Together they will nourish and comfort a dry, flaky or irritated skin.

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FDM Acne Relief Serum

Treats the problem by rapidly cleaning, peeling away and drying area.
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FDM Light Fluid Moisturiser


So light you won’t even know it’s on.

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Combination Skins Is just that, combination skin. It’s most common in teenagers.  The T zone is producing more sebum production than the rest of the face. Therefore it is not an indication of a skin disease.

But with that said, it could become a real challenge to take care of this type of skin, as the different parts of your face (or other parts of the body) need a specific treatment.

Combination skin is recognized as having oily skin in some areas of your face and dry skin in other areas. Consequently the t-zone forehead, nose, and chin are more prone to oiliness and the dry areas usually persist around the cheeks, jaw area, and along the hairline and it can appear dry or flaky? This means you have combination skin. But don’t worry! At least now you know that this is a common thing and that you can do something about it.

The cause of a combination skin is in sebum production. Sebum is a  substance that is oily and keeps the skins moisturized.  However when oil production is high, oily skin appears in the T-zone first. In summer, combination skin will be more visible. Climates with higher temperatures and humidity can also impact on this skin type.