Flora Combination Skin

A group of products expressly formulated for combination skin. If normal skin is luminous with a fine and uniform texture on the whole face, mixed skin frequently presents two areas with different characteristics: The median area or “T-zone” with a tendency to fat because physiologically richer in sebaceous glands, slightly shiny with enlarged pores. The cheek area with a slight tendency to dryness and subject to slight stretching. Combination skin therefore does not present imbalances but essential needs: balance and hydration.


The lipid composition of algae is particularly sensitive to oxidation and hydrolyzing agents. To ensure a correct physiological lipid balance, the alga Laminaria saccharina has synthesized Phlorogine®, a compound capable of balancing and counteracting oxidation and hydrolysis. Phlorogine® gives a complete and effective response to the most common disorders of combination skin: it regulates the physiological pH of the skin and hydrates by reducing the production of sebum.

  • Osaine Floragel Cleansing Gel

    Floragel Cleansing Gel

  • Floragine 24 Moisturising Cream

    Floragine 24 Moisturising Cream

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  • Osaine Flora Combination Starter Pack

    Osaine Flora Starter Pack

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