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Algologie works with the most advanced source of research and development. Our laboratory is located beside CEVA. CEVA
stands for the Centre for Education and Valorisation of Seaweed. This is a government supervised source for all industries
involved with seaweed products. They are 1 of 5 of the worlds leaders in research, development and innovation in pharmacology,
medicine, alimentation, agriculture, cosmetology and textiles. Our location provides us with a privileged relationship for information as we participate in many projects in search of innovations in the cosmetic and skin and spa industry.
Marine Algae benefits and the power of the sea Seaweed contains an amazing wealth of components and nutrients with more than 40 active marine ingredients including – Minerals —Trace elements – Proteins – Oligo elements – Vitamins -Essential Fatty Acids including Omega Oils –
Mucopolysaccharides. These nutrients are found in the highest concentrations in sea weeds (marine algae) and sea water. This is the reason we have such great results with skin and body therapies. In fact some are almost a complete food. These vitamins and minerals are necessary for the proper functioning of our organs to produce healthy skin, hair and nails.
The main advantage of Algologie products from the prime seaweed chosen to the advanced extraction process is the natural power of the seaweed drawn from the heart of the ocean.

  • Everyday Gentle Peel

    Fleur De Mer Daily Mini Peel Powder

    $78.00 Sale!
  • Maceration Centella bonus Centella Set

    Maceration Centella bonus Centella Set

    $176.00 Sale!
  • Fleur De Mer Active Night Cream Vitamin A

    Active Night Cream VitaminA

    $69.00 Sale!
  • Sincerity Hair & Scalp Shampoo Serum Dual Pack

    Sincerity Hair & Scalp Shampoo Serum Dual Pack

  • FleurDeMer Sunscreen SoftMedium/Lip Pack

    FleurDeMer Sunscreen SoftMedium/Lip Pack

    $99.00 Sale!
  • FleurDeMer Sunscreen Light/Lip Pack

    FleurDeMer Sunscreen Light/Lip Pack

    $99.00 Sale!
  • La Presquile  Plumping Serum

    La Presquile  Plumping Serum

  • Algologie Cleanser Toner Pack

    Algologie Cleanser Toner Pack

    $96.00 Sale!
  • Collagen &  VitaminA Deal

    Collagen &  VitaminA Deal

    $149.00 Sale!
  •  Vitamin A and Retinol

    Fleur De Mer Vitamin A Serum

  • FleurDeMer Vitamin B CO+ Niacin Serum

    FleurDeMer Vitamin B CO+ Niacin Serum

  • FleurDeMer Sunscreen Medium/Lip Pack

    FleurDeMer Sunscreen Medium/Lip Pack

    $99.00 Sale!
  • Rivage Anti Ageing PackageRivage Anti Ageing Package

    Rivage Anti Ageing Package

    $380.00 Sale!
  • Sincerity Grape Extracts Anti Ageing Moisturiser

    Grape Extracts Anti-Ageing Moisturiser

    $81.00 Sale!
  • FleurDeMer Purifying Toner

    FleurDeMer Purifying Toner

    $49.95 Sale!