Osaine Floratonic


Osaine Floratonic


floratoniqueOsaine Floratonic A regulating tonic for a correct skin balance.

A high content of Gulf Stream Sea Water® contributes vital mineral salts and nutrients
Codiavelane® moisturizes deep down and prevents moisture loss from the skin
Phlorogine® regulates sebaceous secretion and re-establishes the hydro-lipid balance


The Osaìne Yellow Line (Flora) is a group of products created to balance and moisturize your skin.

Combination Skin Range

Osaìne has formulated a group of skincare products specifically blended for combination skin.
While normal skin is radiant with small and even pores, resulting in a uniform complexion, combination skin types often have two areas with
different characteristics:

The median or “T zone is likely to be oily because of its higher the concentration of sebaceous glands. In fact, it may appear slightly shiny
with dilated pores, while the cheek area tends to be dry and tight. Combination skin types essentially need balance and moisturizing.


The lipid composition of seaweed, normally made up of glycerides and polyunsaturated fatty acids, is particularly sensitive to oxidation and
hydroxylating agents. To ensure correct physiological lipid equilibrium, Laminaria saccharina seaweed is used to synthesize Phlorogine®, a
compound that balances and counteracts oxidation and hydrolysis. Phlorogine® provides a complete and effective solution for combination
skin’s most common disorders: it regulates the physiological pH of the skin and while moisturising, reduces the sebum production with a
sebostatic action.


Weight .450 kg


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