Online Sales from Direct From The Therapist,  with some of the best salon only products. including Algologie, Fleur De Mer, Sincerity, Osaine,  We only sell in-salon products of the best quality.  Direct From The Therapist aims to deliver only the best in  Customer service making sure our products are dispatched daily*.   We pride ourselves quality individual service,  offering skin advice to our members.

  • FleurDeMer Sunscreen SoftMedium/Lip Pack

    FleurDeMer Sunscreen SoftMedium/Lip Pack

    $99.00 Sale!
  • Initial Energy Perfect Gel Cream 100ml Upsize

    Initial Energy Perfect Gel Cream 100ml Upsize

    $99.00 Sale!
  • Intensive Hydro Protecting Serum

    Intensive Hydro Protecting Serum

  • Fleur De Mer SPF50+ Sunblock Medium

    Medium & Body Sunscreen Set

    $84.00 Sale!
  • Aosa Deal Skin Package

    Osaine Aosa Christmas Deal

    $352.00 Sale!
  • Phivocks Ear Candles

    Phivocks Ear Candles

  • Sincerity Eyelash Growth Serum

    Sincerity Eyelash Growth Serum

    $70.00 Sale!
  • Sincerity Grape Extract Pack

    Sincerity Grape Extract Pack

    $451.00 Sale!
  • FleurDeMer Rescue Me

    FleurDeMer Rescue Me

    $174.95 Sale!
  • Osaine Floratonic

    Osaine Floratonic