Dehydration or Dehydrated skin feels like dry skin all over your face, but there’s a big difference between the two.  Dehydrated skin is a skin condition lacking water—dry skin due to a lack of oil.  With the dehydrated type, your skin may also produce normal or excessive oil.

There’s a lot of confusion about what this skin concern is about. A significant part of the confusion is that the term “dehydrated skin” is often used interchangeably with “dry skin” or “combination skin,” but they are not the same! Dehydrated skin can occur in all skin types and is not exclusive to those with dry skin or combination skin.

It’s essential to understand how dehydrated skin differs from dry skin or combination skin types. You will require products to treat dehydration.  This skin condition will lead to premature signs of ageing.  Lipids will be essential to treat this condition.

Dry skin type is easy to recognize.

Dry skin normally feels tight and dry, with no appearance of oil to be seen.  If you’re born with dry skin, it depends on the density of oil-producing glands in your skin. Consequently the skin feels dry all year long. The dryness might worsen depending on the climatenvironmentent and seasoIt’st’s paramount to use good skin care products, or the uncomfortable dry, tight feeling will continue.

Combination skin is when you have oily areas, usually in the T-zone (nose, chin, and centre of the forehead), while the skin on the sides of the face or cheek area is dry.

Hence, dehydrated skin can be caused by different factors; more often than not, using harsh skin care products that contain skin-sensitizing ingredients that disturb its barrier or disrupt the Skin’s microbiome. Hence this is made up of good and bad microbes that live on the skin’s surface.  Subsequently, dehydration can be viewed as your skin showing it doesn’t like something or a substance.

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