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Algologie Centella Asiatica Serum

Algologie Centella Asiatica Serum   This Serum is also  used with Algae Maceration will boost the skins appearance and skin health.
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FDM Cleansing Granules

These granules help to flush out blocked congestion in pores which otherwise cause blackheads, acne and skin problems.
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Fruit Acid Cleansing Milk

It all starts happening more quickly than you could ever have imagined … a new bloom, new vitality and new radiance for your skin from day 1!
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Des Vagues Hydra Tender Cream

For dehydrated normal to combination skins or temperate climates. Ideal for the environmental effects and conditions of snow, Heat, and Humidity.  A soft, light but very slightly richer texture.  Rapidly and intensely hydrate, moisturize and nourish even the driest skins.
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Algologie Presquile Plumping Cream


 It has longer lasting hydration.

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Hydra Regenerating Balm

Hydra Regenerating Balm is from the Des Vagues Hydration Range.  Regenerating Cream has a very high content of Vitamin A.
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FDM Triple Action Cleanser


A scientifically formulated thicker milk that moisturises, refreshers and softens while it cleanses.   Three in One.

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FDM Daily Mini Peel Powder


Peeling your face is the quickest most effective way to achieve instantly, a lovelier more youthful appearance.

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Skin Seastem Renewing Day Cream


Thanks to the combined action of sea stem cells and seaweeds, it gives a skin a young and bright look.

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Maceration Centella Repair Kit

Maceration Centella Repair Kit Algae Maceration 30ml Centella 50ml These concentrates used in conjunctions work like Antibiotics for the skin
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 FDM Active Night Cream

All night skin repair with Vitamin A  Active Night carries valuable nourishing oils, moisture, as well as exclusive repair technology with powerful Vitamin A.
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Omega Nutriplancton Night Cream


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Dry N Dull Flakey skin. Dry facial skin may result from many factors. The leading causes include exposure to harsh products, humidity levels, harsh soaps, and environmental and skin conditions such as eczema.

Most cases of dry, flaky skin on your face will clear up in time when using corrective products. However, dry patches can sometimes indicate something more serious.

Seek medical help if dryness doesn’t go away or is severely itchy. A doctor’s advice is essential if you don’t know what’s causing the dryness.

Common conditions that can trigger dry skin:

  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Poor nutrition
  • Environmental Conditions

Therefore for Dry N Dull Flakey using Lipids, thicker creams, or a balm can help reboot the skin. Products that contain nourishing ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and lipids. Isotonic water or toners are paramount for these dry skins to heal and enable the lipids to enter into the skin and to give results. 

SEA CHAMOMILE: Powerful anti-inflammatory to reduce discomforts such as irritation, tightness, and redness.

RHODOSORUS: A powerful soothing seaweed that significantly reduces skin sensitivity. It also reduces feelings of distress such as irritation and tightness. It also minimises redness while improving the freshness and appearance of the skin. And importantly, it maintains optimum pH.