Sun Damaged
The sun’s rays damage the skin from a very young age, from the tiniest bit of red to full sunburn. Consequently, this will lead to long-term consequences lurking within the skin, even if you don’t experience a severe burn. The sun prematurely ages the skin. Known as photoaging, this can lead to skin cancers.
Sun Damaged is known by many terms, including photoaging, photodamage and solar damage. It happens when ultraviolet (UV) light hits skin unprotected by sunscreen, causing DNA changes at a cellular level. Because photodamage occurs in the deepest layers of the skin(the dermis), it can take years before the damage surfaces and becomes visible.
Help save your skin and prevent premature ageing, brown spots and even some skin cancers with a choice of SPF50 very high protection sunscreen. It comes in clear creamy lotions or a beautiful tinted foundation cream makeup in different shades (two products in one). Nowadays, there is no excuse for the sun damage from the past. Parents know how important it is to slip, slop and slap on the sunscreen and protect their children’s skin for the future.

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