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Des Dunes Triple C Cream

Helps normal to combination sensitive skins to recover uniform complexion while bringing hydration, protection.
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FDM Light Sunblock

FDM Light Sunblock: A multifunctional tinted treatment illuminates, evens out and corrects the complexion. The perfect alliance between skincare and make-up for a sublimated and ultra-natural complexion.
Available in three shades
The current stock expiration date is April 2024; this is the longest BBD available at the moment.  The stock of longer BBD will be available approximately mid-March.
Just so you know, the product is okay to wear as a foundation, but the 50 SPF may not be guaranteed the full 50 SPF.
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Des Vagues Hydra Tender Cream

For dehydrated normal to combination skins or temperate climates. Ideal for the environmental effects and conditions of snow, Heat, and Humidity.  A soft, light but very slightly richer texture.  Rapidly and intensely hydrate, moisturize and nourish even the driest skins.
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Hydra Regenerating Balm

Hydra Regenerating Balm is from the Des Vagues Hydration Range.  Regenerating Cream has a very high content of Vitamin A.
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Marin Hydro-Protecting Cream


A hydrating and revitalising protective cream.

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Skin Seastem Renewing Day Cream


Thanks to the combined action of sea stem cells and seaweeds, it gives a skin a young and bright look.

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Omega Nutriplancton Night Cream


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Algologie Des Dunes Lotion

Algologie Des Dunes Lotion Algologie Des Dunes Lotion is the New & Improved Soft Freshness Lotion APPEARANCE AND PROPERTIES All
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Rivage Resurfacing Night Balm

Rivage Resurfacing Night Balm Contains a tiny quantity of AHAs that removes unattractive dead skin cells. Stimulates cell renewal.
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Aosaplus Intensive AntiWrinkle Cream

This Intensive cream is used for its effectiveness in blocking collagen and elastin degradation.
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Grape Extracts Anti-Ageing Moisturiser

Sincerity Grape Extracts Anti Ageing Moisturiser Anti ageing including a safe peptide which mimics the effect of anti-wrinkle injections.
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FDM Oil Free Moisturiser

Every person without exception who cares about their skin must use a quality moisturiser every day and night.
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Moisturisers Cream, exfoliating, speciality,  nourishing.nutrishional. For All skin types,  we have a moisturiser for you.    Moisturisers have become very specialised for many skin conditions giving great results for all needs and beauty regime.