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Omega Nutriplancton Night Cream


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Osaine Omega Cleanser

Osaine Omega Cleanser The active ingredients in the Monostroma seaweed slow cellular ageing down. Improves cells in epidermis & dermis,
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Osaine Omegatonic Hydrating Tonic

Osaine Omegatonic Hydrating Tonic, invigorating lotion that gently delivers hydration into the skin leaving, PH balance ready for serum and moisturiser.
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Osaine Omega Idraplancton Cream

Osaine Omega Idraplancton Cream for Dry, dehydrated skin types.  However, it's a light moisturising cream ideal for all skin, particularly a Dry Skin type suffering from environmental stress. A bonus containing Phycocorail, a biological light filter providing SPF 12
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Osaine Omega Phail Serum

Intensive hydration for dry, sensitive, and thin skin due to aging, sun, dry.  Great for delicate, fragile skin that has been effected by Harsh climatic conditions.
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Omega Hydration Pack

Omega Hydration Pack contains Omega Cleanser, Tonic, Day and Night Creams.
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Omega Hydration Pack

Omega Hydration Pack  contains Omega Cleanser, Toner, Omega Indraplancton, Nutriplancton Night Cream and Phail Serum  
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Omega Hydration Pack Promotion

Very limited time;   Only One set left pack contains.
  • Omega cleanser
  • Omega toner
  • Idraplancton
  • Receive a FREE Omegaphial - Also referred to by top clinicians as liquid gold! (valued at $98)
  • No Rain Checks,
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Omega /Hydrated Dry Skin

An Intensely nourishing cream for dehydrated skin. For some skin types, most hydrating products are not enough. Suits Very delicate skin. Ideal for fragile or toughened skin affected by harsh climatic conditions. Also great for skin affected by the ageing process, which may be subject to tightness and frequent peeling. These conditions require specific treatments that ensure adequate moisturising and total comfort.

Omega /Hydrated Dry Skin: some skins produces fewer natural oils than other types of skin. Generally not sensitive but lacking oils. This skin type causes the appearance of dull and flaky type skin. Skin can become flakey and even look irritated and can become itchy. There is often tightness and less elasticity, with visible fine lines. Dry skin types can become more sensitive if not carefully cared for with extra hydration. It needs regular hydration products to support the skin structure. The skin’s protective moisture barrier needs ceramides and Lipids for moisture retention.