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Sea Clay Purifying Mask

 Sea Clay Purifying Mask Sea Clay Purifying Mask is from the Algologie L’archipel range. This mask combines the absorbent action
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Redensifying & Plumping Mask


Not only does it comfort and nourish face and neck but it very deeply moisturises and plumps. This action leaves skin looking visibly younger.

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FDM Vitamin Enriched Mask

This mask is biologically active, essential for maintaining optimum appearance.
Biologically active and essential for maintaining your skins youthful appearance as well as restoring skin that is vitamin deficient.
Key ingredients… THAT ACT FAST!!!
Vitamin A, B, C, E and F: Essential for all the necessary physiological functions of the skin. Vitamin deficiency leads not only to internal body problems but also to noticeable damage to skin and hair.
Horse Chestnut Extract: Its ability to help promote circulation together with its gentle anti-inflammatory effect makes it effective for clarifying the skin and restoring its healthy, youthful look.
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Corail Scrub Exfoliation Mask


An exfoliating and smoothing mask ideal for regeneration, giving the skin a new radiance.

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Des Vagues Sleeping Mask

Des Vagues Sleeping Mask It acts all night to hydrate skin, plumps up cells and restore radiance. Fine lines and dryness are diminished.
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Original price was: $102.00.Current price is: $95.00.
GLB AHA/BHA MASK Apply to cleansed skin and only to areas of clogging, thickening, pigmentation, acne, acne scarring, sebhorrea.
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Bulles Oxygenating Revitalising Mask

Discover Bulles Marines, the sparkling mask which nourishes the skin and brightens the complexion. A melting and sparkling mask thanks to the presence of a mineral polymer that generates oxygen bubbles on the skin's surface to intensely boost oxygenation! You can feel it working!
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FDM Calming Mask

FDM Calming Mask  Quickly calms and relieves sensitive, inflamed and Rosacea skin.  Ideal for those with irritated sensitive skin.
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DesVagues Hydra Bonus Pack

Original price was: $567.00.Current price is: $499.00.
 DesVagues Complete Pack Plus Bonus  Cleanser, Tonic, Scrub, Mask, Serum, Day Cream, Night Cream, Eye Gel, travel Wetpack,  Treatment Program, Centella & Maceration kit. Free Express Postage
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 Corail Moisturising Indramask

 Extremely moisturising, achieves a nourished restored  skin.
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GLB Hydrating Mask

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GLB Hydrating Mask  Do you want to give yourself a salon-grade professional facial? Hence, This is what you get when you use the two maskings.  Aloe Vera Juice (20%)  Hydrating, softening, healing, and  works as an Anti inflammatory and penetrates the skin supplying moisture directly to the tissue.
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Grape Extracts Anti Ageing Mask

Grape Extracts Anti Ageing Mask Powerful antioxidant grape extracts including a safe peptide which mimics effects of anti-wrinkle injections.
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There are many types of Masks: 





Drawing treatment. 

We have a mask for all skin types and all occasions.

Hydration infusions have become an essential part of the beauty regime. 

Applying (weekly) enhances the cleansing of the pores. Removal of any buildup and impurities on the surface of your skin will leave it looking clear, clean and with a healthy glow.

Using a sleeping mask every day can help boost your skin’s hydration levels. The sleeping application combined with serums can enhance the plumping of the skin, leaving the face looking more radiant. A combination of sleeping masks and serums can also help penetrate some ingredients into the skin. Using a both in combination can give actual results that boost the skin.

They deliver ingredients deeper into the skin, infusing them into the pores and allowing the skin to absorb products such as vitamin serums. Face masks will provide immediate results before a special occasion. Results may appear temporary. However, it will boost the skin with nutrition.