Algologie Cleanser Toner Pack

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Algologie Cleanser Toner Pack

Algologie Cleanser Toner Pack deal the essentials for most skin types.  The start of your skin preparation for your skin routine.  Just add your scrubs, masks, serums and or creams.

Using the wrong cleanser can damage your skin – by selecting an appropriate Algologie cleanser for your skin type – you will avoid damaging your skin causing it to potentially age prematurely.

Rich in vitamins and minerals the Algologie cleansers not only remove dirt and make-up but treat the skin at the same time. Cleansing is the most important step in maintaining healthy skin. The Detox & Clean – Velvety Cleansing Milk will perfectly cleanse your skin removing all traces of makeup – leaving your skin soft & silky… perfectly primed for better absorption of the active products which you will apply next.

Algologie Velvety Cleansing Milk  200mls


Algologie Detox & Clean Cleansing Milk  This light blue Velvety Cleansing Milk ensures a perfect cleansing. Using a good quality cleanser is important. Use morning and evening 365 days per year.   It contains special emulsifiers that gently dissolve makeup, impurities and traces of pollution. Respects the skins pH balance. Its neutral base leaves the skin permeable and supple, better preparing it to receive treatment. The extract of fucus stimulates the blood circulation and exerts an emollient effect helping to preserve the elasticity of the skin.

Algologie Detox & Clean Cleansing Milk

Algologie Algamarine Lotion 200ml


Algologie Detox & Clean Algamarine Lotion is an alcohol-free, lightly fragranced seawater lotion.
It completes the cleansing procedure by restoring the natural vitamins, proteins and mineral salts in the
A delicate lotion that also balances pH, invigorating and boosting the skin’s rate of absorption.
Particularly hydrating.


Algologie Detox & Clean Algamarine Lotion

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