FleurDeMer Natural Facial Skin Oil

 Apricot Oil/Jojoba Oil/Carrot Oil/Macadamia Oil: Together they will nourish and comfort a dry, flaky or irritated skin.


FleurDeMer Natural Facial Skin Oil  30mls

FleurDeMer Natural Facial Skin Oil doesn’t contain added preservatives, colour or fragrance.

Apricot Oil/Jojoba Oil/ Carrot Oil/ Macadamia Oil: Together they will nourish and comfort dry, flaky or irritated skin.

Can be used on its own or under your usual moisturiser for an extra boost of nutrition. Carrot Oil is rich in very beneficial and healing Vitamin A. It leaves skin with a real “well cared for look”.

How to get the best results from this Natural Oil…By Appling a few drops to a thoroughly cleansed and dried face and neck to enhance the lipids in the skin.

Light orange oil is a natural blend of four cold-pressed oils. This blend of essential fatty acids has been chosen
to build health in the intracellular spaces and cell membranes. With continuous use sun-damaged, dry and dehydrated
skin will be able to cope with aggressions of climate and the ability to hold moisture balance.
Apricot Oil: softening and nourishing
Macadamia Oil: lightweight and nourishing
Carrot Oil: Rich in Vitamin A, antioxidants and of unsurpassed value to the skin
Jojoba Oil: hydrating and lubricating, one of the most nourishing oils found in nature
Apply a few drops to a thoroughly cleansed face and neck.

Our advice ~ use on very dry cuticles.
Benefits can be seen when applied to crows feet.
Add 5 drops to the massage medium in the facial treatment.
Excellent to treat skin suffering from allergies as this is hypoallergenic.
A much-needed oil for skin undergoing Fruit Acid or Stone Resurfacing
to support the Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) in the epidermis.

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