Algologie Active Body Slimming Serum

This high-performance serum activates lipolysis and drains to remove and eliminates fatty deposits.


Algologie Active Body Slimming Serum 250ml

Algologie Active Body Slimming Serum A highly performing serum activates lipolysis.

  •  Slimming Serum drains to remove and eliminates fatty deposits.
  • Its efficient even on resistant cellulite.
  • Suaeda Maritima boosts the slimming efficiency by breaking big fat droplets in adipocytes (into several small droplets) to ease their elimination.

We have chosen the Pen Lan Peninsula in Brittany for its location on this extreme north coast of France,
because it is the most optimal climate and water for the life of seaweed.
It is with this in mind that Algologie has been there for over 30 years.
The four main benefits of this location are that:
1. It offers us a prime location with over 650 species of seaweed in an area that is kept protected from
harmful pollution as well as transport and leisure vehicles. This area has the classification of a pollution-free
site by C.E.V.A.
2. The seawater here has an extremely high salt content of over 39gms per litre. This is an indication of
its superior concentration of vitamins, proteins and minerals as well as its excellent antibacterial
3. The water in this area is very cold. It averages 12 degrees Celsius. This is very important as it
provides us with seaweed that is able to retain its high concentration of minerals, vitamins and
trace elements ( try to think of seaweed as a vegetable, when you put it in hot water it loses it nutritional
The tide in this area goes out 14 metres every 6 hours. This allows for the constant movement and mixing
of seawater. The seaweeds are continually nourished, stimulated and oxygenated providing us with
the best elements from the sea


  • Exclusive Algo3 Complex
  • Laminaria Hyperborea
  • Caffeine
  • Suaeda Maritima

Algologie Hands & Neck Slimming Serum  Results :

The orange peel ripple effect on the skin is smoothed and contours are reshaping. Particularly efficient on flabby thighs. sticky.


Weight .250 kg


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