Osaine Corail Whitening Serum


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Contains active ingredients that has a whitening effect on the skin.


Osaine Corail Whitening Serum

Osaine Corail Whitening Serum

Osaine Corail Whitening Serum is a three phase composite of active ingredients that has a whitening effect on the skin:

PHASE 1: exfoliating and renewing action of the epidermis – Glycolic acid
PHASE 2: whitening action and prevention of melanin synthesis – Kojic Acid and Arbutin
PHASE 3: protection from UV rays – Alga Corallina officinalis and Titanium dioxide.


Quintessential Elements:

Glycolic Acid influences the renewal of the horny layer, eliminating the already pigmented superficial cells and consequently
improving the face’s light with a whitening effect.
Arbutin is a glucose found in the leaves of ursine grapes, in blossoms of the heath tree as well as in other Ericaceae.
It is an all natural substance whose action is not harmful.
Kojic Acid inhibits the enzyme that produces melanyne. It is produced by biotechnical processes of Aspergillus Oryzae.


The colour of one’s skin depends on different types of pigmentation. Among these, melanin is the most important and
is produced by specialized cells, called melanocytes, found in the epidermis.
The melanin process is largely determined by three factors: genetics, hormones and sun light. Genetic differences
result from the number and types of melanosomes produced, thus generating various skin colours in the different
There are several hormones that regulate the distribution of melanocytes and their level of activity. Among them, there
is the -MSH (Mela-nocyte-stimulating hormone). It is also important to note that during pregnancy, female sexual
hormones, particularly estrogens, stimulate cutaneous pigmentation.


Apply twice a day to darkened areas for at least one month. If the product is used to whiten particular marks or areas that are over pigmented, apply for at least two months for visible results. Repeat the cycle a few times during the year, as prolonged use of the product provides best results. At first, if the treated skin is especially sensitive, we recommend to apply only a small quantity of the serum, as it is normal to experience some irritation and itchiness. Do not apply when exposed to sun.

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