Fleur De Mer

Fleur De Mer  Australian Cosmeceuticals products including powerful Fruit Acid (Glycolic, Lactic etc) Enzyme Peels, highly concentrated Vitamin C Serums, Collagen Drops,

FLEUR DE MER AUSTRALIA is a privately owned Australian company. Its cosmeceutical products are formulated with unique technology to provide quick, visible results so as to satisfy the huge demand for non surgical skin care in Australia and New Zealand only.

This highly active range includes safe product and treatment alternatives to expensive and painful injections and all formulated to provide very noticeable and fast skin improvements.

Treatments include but are not confined to powerful Fruit Acid (Glycolic, Lactic etc) Peels, gentle Enzyme Peels, highly concentrated Vitamin C Serums, Collagen Drops, Microdermabrasion Skin Polish and the very latest international skin care discovery being a Stem Cell Anti Ageing Serum with unprecedented results. These products and treatments are available in both Australia and New Zealand.

The priority of course being always safety, efficacy and affordability.

Not, of course, forgetting our famous, unique SPF50+ sunscreens available untinted or incorporated into fabulously sheer non-oily foundation creams in 3 different shades providing a 2 in 1 product at a very economical price.

  • Anti Ageing Lipids

    Anti Ageing Lipids

  • FDM Calming Mask

    FDM Calming Mask

  • FDM Hydrate Bonus Pack

    FDM Hydrate Bonus Pack

    $147.00 Sale!
  • FleurDeMer AM-PM Pack

    FleurDeMer AM-PM Pack

    $113.00 Sale!
  • FleurDeMer Soothing Lotion

    FleurDeMer Soothing Lotion

  • FleurDeMer Sunscreen Light/Lip Pack

    FleurDeMer Sunscreen Light/Lip Pack

    $99.00 Sale!
  • FleurDeMer Sunscreen Medium/Lip Pack

    FleurDeMer Sunscreen Medium/Lip Pack

    $99.00 Sale!
  • FleurDeMer Sunscreen SoftMedium/Lip Pack

    FleurDeMer Sunscreen SoftMedium/Lip Pack

    $99.00 Sale!
  • FleurDeMer Sunscreen SPF50 Clear 

    FleurDeMer Sunscreen SPF50 Clear 

  • FleurDerMer Purify Bonus Pack

    FleurDerMer Purify Bonus Pack

    $149.00 Sale!
  • Fruit Acid Hand & Body

    Fruit Acid Hand & Body

  • Fruit Acid Starter Pack

    Fruit Acid Starter Pack

  • Mask Harassed Skin Kits

    Mask Harassed Skin Kits

    $310.00 Sale!
  • Natural Self Tan Mousse

    Natural Self Tan Mousse

  • Vitamin A and beyond

    Vitamin A and beyond

    $199.00 Sale!