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Sun Facts

Sun Facts

Sun Facts What Does SPF Mean………………..?


  1. SPF 50 or Sun Protection Factor 50 is a rating given by the Therapeutic Goods Act of Australia stating this Sun Screen will provide 50 x with the protection of the skin.
  2. Skin naturally burns within 5 minutes of sun exposure. Hence,This sunscreen will protect for 50 x that amount of time exposed. Consequently, That would be 250 minutes or 4 hours and 16 minutes before the skin burns.
  3. However, it does not take swimming, towel drying, removing cloths or perspiring.
  4. All of the above will remove some of the protection. Hence we must constantly re-apply.

What does Broad Spectrum Mean?

  • Broad Spectrum refers to the protection from both UVA and UVB Light. 
  • UVA damages our collagen and elastin and makes our skin and eyes age.
  • UVB light rays are what causes burning and damage to the epidermis of our skin and our eyes.
  • Both Cause damage, both are responsible for skin cancers. Both Cause age-related skin damage.
  • Broad-spectrum must be written on sunscreen to protect for both types of protection. 

Excuses! Sun Screens Makes skin Break-Out!

  • When considering the purchase of a Sun Screen, consider the quality of the product. A good product will be non-comedogenic; it will not clog the skin. Hence, good quality sunscreen will not make the skin break out.
  • Remember to cleanse skin thoroughly with a good cleanser suited to the skin type.

Do you ever say to yourself!

  • However, I am never in the sun!
  • I do not go in the sun!
  • I wear sunblock when in the sun!
  • Make-up has sun protection in it!
  • I only walk and exercise in the early hours of the morning!
  • Sunblock will make skin break out!


The Reality is!

  • A Queensland University study showed that those who do not go in the sun spend 100 hours exposed to direct sunlight a year!
  • There is no sunblock. It is only sunscreen and cannot give 100% protection.
  • Make-up will not give sunscreen protection unless it states it has SPF 50 with Broad Spectrum Protection and Water Resistant.
  • Our screening advice in Australia is to wear sunscreen or stay out of the sun from 7.30 am-4.30 pm.
  • When sun-exposed, skin is affected, some more than others.

Sun is the #1 reason for skin ageing!

  • Damage to skin cells DNA
  • Dehydration
  • Firstly, Damage to Collagen
  • Secondly, Damage to Elastin
  • Damage to Capillaries
  • Firstly, Cancer-causing to Basil Cells
  • Secondly, Cancer-causing to Squamous Cells
  • Cancer-causing to Melanocytes
Information by the Chemist from Fleur De Mer Cosmeceuticals