OSaine Stem Cell Eye Cream

OSaine Stem Cell Eye Cream

OSaine Stem Cell Eye Cream Concentrated emulsion, rich in vegetal stem cells that, in promoting a the rejuvenating process, cancel time and fatigue marks. This formula also contains filling microspheres, to erase small wrinkles and expression marks immediately.

Also effective in lips contour treatment.

Place a small amount of the product on your ring fingertip and gently tap the zone until complete absorption.

Ellie’s testament:    My husband isn’t a romantic who look into my eye’s all the time;  however after using the OSaine Stem Cell Eye Cream for 6 weeks he very seriously looked and stared AT my eyes.   Joe asked me if I had some botox or (His words, that filling stuff women put into their face).   So for Joe to notice it must be really good.   

I had to share this one testament it was so funny, even funnier if you knew what a blokey bloke Joe is.