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Rivage Resurfacing Night Balm

 Rivage Resurfacing Night Balm

Algologie Rivage Resurfacing Night Balm

 New Lift & Lumiere Firming Night Cream . Double Firming and Renewing Action.

50ml Anti Age Correction Balm.

Algologie Rivage Resurfacing Night Balm  This new unique cream contains tiny quantities of AHAs.  The perfect quantity that will gently remove unattractive dead skin cells.    It stimulates cell renewal for a resurfacing effect.  This night balm works with a powerful anti-wrinkle and firming action. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, hydrates dry skin leaving it with a silky soft appearance.  The cream works through the night, leaving the skin with a glowing youthful  Looking skin in the morning.

The discovery of the blending of 4 new natural seaweed extracts known as the ALGO4 COMPLEX was patented by Algologie and introduced into nearly every one of our products including this fabulous new Night Balm.

This product will be very popular.   However  it does so much more!  One of my most favourite products as many of you know is Lift & Lumiere Firming Night Cream  is being replaced by Algologie Rivage Resurfacing Night Balm.    I hear so very often ” why are they deleting, this product it’s my favourite“?    When Algologie reformulates and releases new Ingredients like ALGO4 COMPLEX,  they put the latest technology and ingredients into the new formulation .