Review of terms Terms for the terms and conditions for the sales of Algologie Fleur De Mer Osaine quality products.  Please read our clear Terms and conditions of sale.

Direct from the Therapist reserves the right to change the Terms:

(i) with or without further notice to you; and

(ii) without giving you any explanation or justification for such change.


Please ensure you have read the shipping terms carefully, prior to placing your order.


All prices listed are inclusive of any Australian Goods and Services Tax applicable.
PayPal is our preferred payment method. PayPal accepts bank card, Mastercard and VISA.

If you wish to deposit directly into our bank account, the details are available on request ( please phone 02 60 211 132).


Incorrectly ordered items – Please contact us within 48 hours of receival, if you have ordered the wrong item. Returned items must be sealed in their original packaging and undamaged. You are responsible for the shipping costs back to us and the shipping costs of the correct item to you. We do not provide a refund, but can offer a store credit if the correct item is not in stock.
Incorrectly sent products or damaged items – Please contact us by phone within 48 hours if your product is damaged or incorrect. Please take photo of the damage for insurance.   Send back to Direct from the Therapist within 7 days of receival. A new product will be despatched upon receipt of the damaged product and your postage fees will be reimbursed.

Product Information

The advice is of general nature and is not intended to constitute or replace professional advice. Every attempt has been made to list the ingredients on each product to the best of our ability but these are not guaranteed. Please always contact the manufacturer directly to check for updates and changes to ingredient listings.

Prizes, Gifts and Giveaway Items

Direct from the Therapist:

(i) may withdraw the offer of the prize(s) at any time prior to the time the recipient(s) of the prize are to be drawn or otherwise determined, without notice to you,

(ii) in the event that we are unable to supply the exact gift(s) and/or giveaway item(s) displayed to you for any reason, we may supply in it/their place an alternative items(s) of a similar nature and value.