skin advice epidermis

skin advice epidermis

skin advice epidermis The Epidermal Cells Form a Multilayered Waterproof Barrier of our skin. The epidermis suffers more direct, damaging encounters with the external world than any other tissue in the body. It needs help to prevent damage and help to repair Environmental and Accidental damage.

The epidermis is composed of 4 or 5 layers

The epidermis has no blood supply. It’s nourished almost exclusively by diffused oxygen from the surrounding air.  Its 90% ‘Basal Keratinocytes.

The ability of the skin to hold water is primarily due to the stratum corneum layer.  This layer is critical for maintaining Skin hydration and a healthy skin.  Lipids arranged throughout the stratum corneum are organized in a manner between the cells of the stratum corneum that form a barrier.

Always protect with a coat of Serum, Moisturiser, Sunscreen, appropriate for the conditions your skin is subjected to.


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