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Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients that are used in cosmeceuticals Skincare,  these ingredients can be found in Algologie, Fleur De Mer, Sincerity, Osaine  Products.


Glycolic, Lactic, Citric, Malic, Tartaric.
All exfoliate the Stratum Corneum which is the top layer of our skin without any friction or rubbing. Our Lactic also aids moisturising. Instant and ongoing improvement in the overall look of
our skin. Percentages used are critical. All skin types.


Salicylic Acid. Similar exfoliation to AHAs in exfoliating skin but more effective in decongesting pores and follicles. It can be very effective in treatments for acne and problematic oily skin. A very useful active in Daily Mini Peel Powder and Acne Relief and Skin Renewal Lotion. 


A clear honey coloured gel with a high concentrate of Centella Asiatica. It provides brilliant and quick repair of skin tissue and wounds including recently caused scars, burns and other skin disorders. It helps reduce as well as prevent fine lines, stretch marks etc and relieves sunburn quickly.

One of the most popular actives in the Fleur de Mer /Algologie ranges. These Key Ingredients are Amazing skin repair. They used in Rich Nourishing Eye Cream and Rosacea Serum. 


It contains caffeine, a vasoconstrictor that quickly reduces puffiness and swelling and tightens skin under the eyes. An essential component of our Daily Mini Peel Powder, it is also one of the most potent antioxidants available. 


This plant extract coming from the sea has definite anti-inflammatory properties as well as the ability to help reduce the permeability of capillaries. This makes it effective in cases of fragile or broken capillaries. Consequently, its benefits in Algologie’s Triple C Cream and Fleur De Mer are very effective and quick-acting Rosacea Serum.  



Larix Europaea Wood Extract. Its action on the scalp, hair follicles and hair products is robust and healthy hair growth.



One of the most potent skin & dark spot lighteners. They are used in our 28-Day Whitening Cream. Deficient levels produce the same inhibition of melanin synthesis as the powerful and effective Kojic Acid. 


Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid) attracts, binds and holds valuable moisture in our skin. It is a natural component of our skin. Diminishes with ageing, leading to dry, dehydrated skin and, consequently, an older-looking appearance. Generally believed to be a potent humectant. Injected by medical professionals and applied topically by Beauty Therapists internationally. That’s why our pure Sodium Hyaluronate Serum is so effective instantly and continuously. 


Marine Collagen. It helps your skin look firmer and more youthful. Clinical trials have proved fewer wrinkles and wrinkle depth improved and hydration. That’s why our Collagen Drops are so popular and successful. But it must be collagen type 1 being used. Elastin used in our MultiTreatment Cream with Marine Collagen looks after the elasticity of our skin as we age. 



Long or even short chains of amino acids, which themselves are the tiny building blocks of proteins. They are cells communicating and guiding the cells on how to react and what to do. For benefits other than water binding, they must be stable in the formula, paired with a carrier that allows penetration into the skin and can reach their targets while remaining active. In this case, they can reduce the ageing signs. 

Acetyl Tetrapeptide-40: Together with Horse Chestnut Extract, our Rosacea Serum works effectively and with rapid results.

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5: Enhances our Collagen Drops by helping Fibroblasts to stimulate Collagen production.

Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5: In our Grape Extracts Eye Cream to nourish and reduce signs of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles.

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8: In our Grape Extract Day and Eye Cream, like wrinkle-reducing injections, it helps to stop muscles from activating facial movements, which create wrinkles and lines.

Palmitoyl Tripeptide-7: In our Grape Extracts Day and Eye Cream. Powerful anti-ageing. 


Malus Domestica and Argan Stem Cells combine in our Stem Cell Serum to help promote the regeneration of ageing and damaged tissues. Look younger and longer. 


Used as Retinol; Vitamin A has often been considered a valuable all-around skincare ingredient. And why not? It has countless skin benefits and to mention just a few. Anti-ageing, Antioxidant, cellular regeneration, acne component, wrinkle reduction and much more. Most frequently used at night with other regular skin care during the day. The concentrations used are essential. Recent research shows it can thicken skin in about four weeks and consequently reduce the appearance of unattractive capillaries. 


Skin protection at its best Regular usage helps to avoid rather than treat skin problems. Vitamin B has several components in its complex, and Niacinamide (Vit B3) is the most beneficial. It helps to strengthen and maintain the Trans Epidermal Water Barrier keeping skin moist and preventing dryness. 


Is Proven to be a powerful antioxidant, damage repair and anti-ageing. There are many variations. We use Ascorbyl (Vit C) Palmitate, which penetrates the skin better, delivering high concentrations of our 11% or very high effective 20% serums. Also, with added Vitamin E, which is proven to make Vitamin C even more effective. 


Zinc is especially valuable in acne preparations. This active is a biocide produced by sulphuric acid and zinc. You will find it in Acne Relief. 


The roots, leaves, and bark have a mild extract resembling Salicylic Acid. It is used effectively in products for acne and eczema.