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Regime for Harassed skins

Regime for Harassed skins

Regime for Harassed skins

Regime for Harassed skins-  A regime for face mask affected skin and to achieve the best results at home the following regime should be followed. This is also a skincare plan, to help you achieve a skin that looks as though you have been to a European Spa, not a skin in lockdown for months….

Cleanse morning and night with FDM Triple Action Cleanser

Lotion morning and night with FDM Mist of Roses- spray all over face and neck( can also be used during the day as a mist spray


Morning– Massage into the skin FDM Collagen Drops ( 1 fuller dropper) all over the face and neck, this serum may be applied around the eye area to help with dehydration and premature ageing.

Morning  & Night– With light tapping movements apply Rich Nourishing Eye Crème around your eye area, (not on the moveable part of the eye though, the lid) the size of a small pea should be enough, This can be applied over your serum directly around the eye.

The Morning – Apply your Multi Treatment Creme on the face and neck, press into the skin then massage in the remains of the treatment crème.

SPF 50+ – This is one of the most important steps in your skin care regime. Sun damage can cause premature skin ageing, and no one wants to look older. FDM Sun Screens should be re-applied if you are in the sun every 4-5 hours.  Therefore, this is a vital step, especially when using your Vitamin A products to help prevent further skin damage.


Night- Apply Vitamin A Serum on the face and neck, massage in after your lotion. Make sure you are using this serum at night only. This serum will help increase cellular turnover, and in some cases, slight flaking can occur, this is normal.

Night – Massage into your skin Active Vitamin A Night Crème. This will reinforce the benefits of your Vitamin A Serum to encourage cellular turnover, and increase hydration levels.

This regime for Harassed skins will give that attention to the skin after wearing a mask constantly.


Did you know?

Twice/Three Weekly–  Did you know that you can apply Vitamin Enriched Mask onto your skin as an overnight treatment? The benefits of Vitamins A,B and C, combined with Biotin, Niacinamide and Inositol, is essential for the physiological functions of the skin. Consequently, the concentrations of vitamins benefit the skin when topically applied in your regular skincare regime.

Once -Twice Weekly– Exfoliate your skin with Daily Mini Peel Powder. This fine non-granular exfoliant with Salicylic Acid helps remove dead skin cells that can build up on the skin. Regular exfoliation ensures that you are getting the active ingredients that give your skin the ultimate result. Therefore, treatment serums and cremes will be effectively absorbed into the skin, if exfoliating Weekly.   Fine lines and wrinkles will appear softer with a  more clarified appearance.