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Presquile Global Anti-Ageing Range

Presquile Global Anti-Ageing Range

 Presquile Global Anti-Ageing Range

Presquile Global Anti-Ageing Range for mature and demanding skin. Ideal for women who want to combat all signs of ageing.  Hence, there are many changes around the time of perimenopause.  Perimenopause meaning (around menopause) refers to the time during which the body makes the natural transition to menopause, which relates to many hormonal changes and the lack of certain essential hormones.  Furthermore, Women start perimenopause at all different ages. (roughly 40-60 Years)

The  Algologie Presquile range can help with many of these first signs of ageing.
The hydration in the cream creates a plumped-up, looking skin that is redensified and regenerated. It’s delicately powdery, and the citrus fragrance is reminiscent of the sea breeze!

Rigorously selected active ingredients are added to the Algo4 complex to complete its action and act specifically on the problems of mature skin:

  1. Hyaluronic acid
  2. Tamarind extract for the moisturising effect,
  3. Chondrus Crispus for immediate smoothing,
  4. Laminaria Digitata to increase collagen production,
  5. Centella Asiatica for its regenerating properties
  6. Dictyopteris Oil for the plumping and volumising effect.

All these active ingredients in this range Plump and rehydrate the appearance of the skin.

Presquile Global Anti-Ageing Range

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