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Skin Seastem – Cellular Renewal

Osaine categories all info A comprehensive look at all the categories and information on Osaine Skin care products derived from the Sea.A COMPLETE LINE FOR CELL RENEWAL


Cell evolution has allowed the alga to adapt to these complex environmental conditions by responding to dehydration and premature ageing.

However, Stem cell extraction technology brings this capacity for adaptation and rejuvenation into an active principle.  Subsequently, each undifferentiated cell contains all the genetic information of the alga.

Thanks to biomimetics, the skin receives this incredible natural resource and metabolises it in its own cell cycle. The vital signs are immediately available and visible.


Sea fennel is one of the few algae that can survive on the rocks reached by ocean waves in the area between low and high tide. Its presence marks the border area between surface plants and seaweed thanks to the resistance to salt and dehydration it undergoes in the low tide period.


Pink Line – All skin types

A group of products that can be used for any skin. The high formulation quality and the value of its active ingredients allow the use of this line in combination with the specific products of the other groups to create infinite treatments for infinite needs.

The Monostroma seaweed

Monostroma is an alga that grows where the low tide current flows. The active ingredients extracted from the Monostroma® seaweed slow down the ageing of the cells because they improve migration from the basal germinative layer to the superficial horny layer. Monostroma®, therefore, gradually fights all surface wrinkles and gives the skin a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Blue Line – Dry Skin


It is designed for those fragile skin types, devoid of softness and fragile by nature, which cannot be satisfied with classic products. These skins demand specific products that can ensure hydration and absolute comfort


It is a marine source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids, substances naturally present in our skin and fundamental for reducing free radicals. Furthermore, Omegaplancton can protect the epidermis from latent inflammations and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and ceramides.

In a cosmetic, Codiavelane® guarantees an obstacle to evaporation by establishing an optimal hydration level. Studies on skin treated with Codiavelane®-based creams have shown that the increase in the hydration level is immediate, long-lasting and active in the deep epidermis.

Purple Line – Mature Skins Aosa


This group of products is designed to solve the problem of demanding skin: tired skin that suffers from a decrease in elasticity and hydration. To help the facial skin renew itself more quickly and find its natural vitality, Osaìne has developed formulas based on the qualities of the seaweed Ulva lactuca.

Aosaine® It is an extract of the seaweed Ulva lactuca that grows on the cliffs of the archipelago of Bréhat. Furthermore, this helps preserve the integrity of the elastic fibres of the tissues by inhibiting the action of elastase. This enzyme degrades the elastin and collagen proteins, leading to an improvement in cellular respiration and an increase in tissue regeneration with a visible reduction of wrinkles.

Kelpadelie® The natural skin ageing is caused by age and damage caused by ultraviolet rays. These two factors stimulate enzymes capable of degrading collagen and elastin, fundamental proteins that give the skin a compact and elastic structure.

Studies on the seaweed Macrocystis pyrifera have shown that it produces a substance, Kelpadelie, capable of blocking the enzymes that degrade these proteins. Kelpadelie, therefore, used in face creams, prevents the decrease of collagen and elastin by slowing down the ageing of the tissues.

Yellow Line – Mixed Skins


A group of products specifically formulated for combination skin. If normal skin is bright with a thin and uniform grain on the whole face, mixed skin frequently has two areas with different characteristics:

Furthermore, The middle area or “T-zone” tends to be fat because it is physiologically richer in the sebaceous glands.  Consequently, it is slightly shiny with enlarged pores—the cheek area has a slight tendency to dryness and is subject to little stretching. Mixed skin, therefore, does not present imbalances but essential needs: balance and hydration.


The lipid composition of the algae is susceptible to oxidation and hydrolyzing agents. Accordingly, to ensure a correct physiological lipid balance, Laminaria saccharina seaweed has synthesised Phlorogine®. Hence, it is a compound capable of balancing and contrasting oxidation and hydrolysis. Consequently, Phlorogine® responds completely and adequately to the most common mixed skin disorders.

Furthermore, it regulates the skin’s physiological pH and hydrates, reducing sebum production.

Green Line – Oily and Oily Skin


The physiology of the sebaceous glands is influenced by several parameters, which, depending on the case, can alter sebum production. The effects on the skin are shine on the whole face, enlarged pores, blackheads, skin imperfections, thick skin, and poor makeup. Osaìne Green Line is specially designed for an immediate response to these problems:

  • Regulating sebaceous secretion
  • Absorbing excess sebum and allowing makeup
  • Avoiding bacterial proliferation and the formation of fatty acids

Laminarghane® It is an extract obtained from the Titrated laminaria seaweed.  Thanks to the high content of florotannins, minerals, trace elements and sugars, it is used to combat the proliferation of skin bacteria in oily skin.

In addition to reducing bacterial proliferation, Laminarghane® inhibits the degradation of testosterone contained in the sebum in a by-product, dihydrotestosterone. Hence, it is recognised as responsible for the malfunction of the sebaceous gland.

Relaxing Body Line – Relaxing and Moisturizing


The RELAXING line was created using the extraordinary properties of the oceanic seawater of the Gulf Stream.  Additionally, it purifies, detoxifies, tones and carries out an anti-inflammatory action, giving an intense feeling of well-being and relaxation. Furthermore, this line also provides excellent skin preparation for specific slimming and firming treatments.

Bioplasma is a plankton algae extract capable of increasing cell metabolism by raising the energy level, protecting cells from UV and free radical damage, and increasing ATP synthesis by improving cellular well-being.

Firming Body Line – Firming and Stretch Marks


The decrease in elasticity, poor hydration and the loss of tone favour the relaxation of epidermal tissues. Osaìne has formulated a line with a high concentration of active ingredients. Consequently, these Actives are suitable for promoting the drainage of intercellular liquids and the restructuring and reinforcement of collagen fibres. In particular, the following were used:

– Aosaine®, Ulva lactuca seaweed extract can increase skin elasticity by inhibiting the enzymes that degrade collagen and elastin.

– Marine collagen increases the collagen capital of the skin and strengthens the resistance of tissues to ageing.

– Elastin to make fabrics more elastic.

The Osaine seaweed


In cosmetology, algae are highly appreciated for their ability to activate the physiological mechanisms in the deeper layers of the skin, increasing their reaction to treatment.

Additionally, algae’s trace elements, vitamins and amino acids have a mineralising action on fatty deposits. The presence of iodine and mineral salts in marine solution allows a firming action on relaxed tissues.

Consequently, Anti-cellulite treatments with seaweed restore the dermis’s elasticity, assisted by massages until complete reabsorption in the treated area.

The saltwater contained in the algae automatically recalls stagnant liquids, favouring drainage and helping to reduce water retention and cellulite.

Marine Water

The Gulf Stream originates from the seas that bathe the Amazon forest. Additionally, like a vital artery, it crosses the Atlantic Ocean, ending in the sea of ​​the archipelago of Bréhat.

The water of this current is enriched along its path through the ocean as a “marine plasma” by hosting the most varied species of plankton.  As well as by coming into contact with the most profound and cleanest seabed.

Then, I arrived in the sea of ​​the archipelago of Bréhat, which gives this lucky ecosystem essential minerals, ions and trace elements, oxygen, iodine and a mild temperature favouring the growth of the most extraordinary algae on the planet.