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FDM Cosmeceuticals Calming Cream

FDM Cosmeceuticals Calming Cream

FDM Cosmeceuticals Calming Cream   New

FDM Cosmeceuticals Calming Cream For all skins showing signs of sensitivity and inflammation.
Ideal for Rosacea skins effectively relieves and calms

Light green cream with a soft texture and light fragrance cream.  Hence, it provides intensive care and calms sensitive skin and inflamed and rosacea skins.  Consequently, cosmeceutical cream is Hydrating, protecting and nourishing.  Furthermore, this cream can be used daily to relieve irritated skin.

  1. HORSE CHESTNUT: A potent but gentle anti-inflammatory and non-irritant. It helps to stimulate
    micro-circulation and helps strengthen & protect the function of capillary walls.
  2. CENTELLA ASIATICA: Helps to restore the skin after damage from irritation, sun & environmental damage.
  3. ALOE VERA: Well known for its healing & moisturising properties, particularly with dry, irritated and sunburnt skin.
  4. BISABOLOL: Reduces irritation of a sensitive skin
  5. AZULENE: Found in Chamomile Oil. A skin soother for relief from any stinging after skin damage, i.e. sunburn, waxing, & skin irritants.


FDM Cosmeceuticals Calming Cream APPLICATION:
Hence, apply on a clean skin after lotion and serum for best results with FDM Calming Cream.
(Rosacea & Sensitive Skin Serum is ideal).
It May be used morning or night…. and consider using it in conjunction with the FDM Calming Mask.