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Undaria Pinnatifida

Undaria Pinnatifida Direct From The Therapist

Undaria Pinnatifida is a Marine flora concealed secrets.  Containing surprising and scientifically recognized properties in dermatology.  Algae widely used for the formulation of protective and anti-ageing care. Undaria Pinnatifida seaweed with a somewhat complicated name is also called wakame. Often associated with Japanese gastronomy, Undaria Pinnatifida is, above all, a concentrate of benefits for the body, the skin and our cells. Its use in cosmetics was therefore apparent to Algologie.

 Undaria Pinnatifida

Undaria Pinnatifida is a rather brown and large algae that can reach up to three meters in length. Resistant to marine pollution, it grows easily in many environments. It is present in many maritime and oceanic areas and is particularly present on the coast of Brittany, where our laboratory is located! This resistance to pollution allows it to develop many cosmetic and medicinal properties.

A plant with unsuspected benefits

The so-called sea fern is a concentrate of fibers and antioxidants. Consequently, a marine nugget with rich proteins and vitamins has an anti-wrinkle action. Wakame has excellent properties on the skin, especially on mature skin. Its resistance to marine pollution also allows it to have an anti-pollution effort, very effective in detoxifying the skin!

At Algologie, Undaria Pinnatifida is an essential active ingredient for our skin. This is why we have integrated this powerful marine active ingredient into our Algo4 patent. A bio-mimetic complex composed of 4 extremophile plants. Which meet the four primary needs of our skin:

  • Porphyridium to oxygenate the skin
  • Blue thistle to nourish it deeply
  • Criste marine to stimulate it
  • The Undaria Pinnatifida to protect her.


Used in our marine cosmetic treatments, Wakame reduces brown spots due to ageing on mature skin, and its high concentration of trace elements reduces the visible effects of ageing. Perfectly adapted to sensitive skin, it acts as natural protection. Undaria Pinnatifida is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties.  Thus making it the perfect seaweed to take care of tired or aged skin.


The Presquile range contains Undaria Pinnatifida

Algologie  Presquile range offers products boosted in Undaria Pinnatifida, an ideal range for mature skin. Ideal for people who want to fight all signs of ageing.