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Osaine Lami Oily Range

Osaine Lami Oily Range

Osaine Lami Oily Range was formulated to address many Oily problems. Factors.

Various factors affect the sebaceous glands’ physiology. These factors can increase or decrease the production of sebum.

Hormone Levels

High hormones levels in the blood (often during adolescence), high environmental temperatures, and the presence of a product that degrades testosterone can cause hyperactivity of these glands.


The excess sebum remains on the skin’s surface, preventing normal desquamation and favouring an accumulation of dead cells. Consequently, the outer skin becomes thicker, thus generating blackheads and spots due to bacteria and fatty acids becoming inflamed.

The effects are unfortunately apparent: an overall shiny appearance, dilated pores, blackheads, imperfections, thick skin, and inadequate Makeup longevity.

Lami range

The Osaìne Green Line (Lami range) is known to solve these problems by regulating sebaceous secretion immediately.

The range works at absorbing excess sebum and allows for better makeup application. Therefore, Avoid bacterial proliferation and the formation of fatty acids.

Titrated laminaria seaweed extract help with sebaceous secretion. Therefore, Thanks to the high percentage of fluorotannins, minerals, nutrient elements and Sugars it contains. Titrated laminaria seaweed helps to fight the proliferation of bacteria in oily skin.

When infection occurs, micro-organisms such as Staphylococcus and Pityrosporum Ovale release enzymes like lipase and protease. Consequently, they destroy triglycerides of the sebum and transform them into free fatty acids.

These acids set off a process of inflammation and hyper-cornification of the follicle, resulting in cysts, pimples, and blackheads.


Laminargane reduces the growth and proliferation of bacteria. It also inhibits the breakdown of the testosterone found in the sebum. 

Sebaceous glands inadequate functioning has been proven to be caused by Dihydroxy testosterone.


The use of the Lami range can treat and reduce the breakouts occurring. It certainly takes commitment to keep up your skin routine. Some teenagers start to use skincare and stop when the outbreaks are under control! Keeping up with the regime will ensure you keep the breakouts under control. This, in turn, will reduce the likely hood of inflammation and scarring.