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Skin Sensitivity

Skin Sensitivity

 Skin Sensitivity Irritation from mask-wearing. We must all support our skin’s barrier function. It’s our first line of defence from irritants & bacteria.. Consequently, rubbing from your mask can break this essential barrier down. Gentle skincare is necessary; consider switching a sensitive range of products.

Algologie Des Dunes Sensitive Skin Range  Sensational on Delicate, Allergy Prone & even Highly Sensitive Skin Types.

 Cleansing Milk


 Gentle Peel

Nutri Soothing Mask

Soothing Cream

 Triple C Cream

Algologie Des Dunes Sensitive Skin Range, The wonders and miracles of nature, created a unique barrier on the Brittany coastline, the home of Algologie – called the Talbert Dunes. Consequently, it protects a nursery where the world’s most beautiful reserves of seaweeds and plants grow slowly.
It is these rare protective qualities that Algologie has transformed into ultra-gentle sensory formulas.  The formula’s that comfort and protects the most sensitive skin.  Secondly used regularly; they also help reduce the sensitivity of the skin.
Thirdly products to replenish Sensitive & Reactive skin continuously.  Hence giving radiance and energy combined with excellent anti-oxidant properties for health and the skin’s strength.

Algo4 complex

Furthermore, you will notice that the words ANTI-POLLUTION have been added to the name of each product.
While not so bad here in Australia and New Zealand, skin in significant cities worldwide is continually exposed to severe pollution. Therefore this creates even more skin sensitivity and even quicker premature skin ageing.  Hence, Anti-pollution ingredients are therefore essential.

• All products now contain Algologie’s remarkable Algo4 complex.

Four potent seaweed extracts mixed are Undaria, Porphyridium, Eryngium and Criste Marine.

Algo4 complex protects, oxygenates, nourishes and stimulates the skin as never before.
• We have added a few extra natural seaweed extracts, making the range perfectly suitable for even very sensitive skin.
• Furthermore, these three ingredients can also help make skin less sensitive when used regularly.

ASCOPHYLLUM: which protects the skin from the effects of pollution and strengthens the skin
SEA CHAMOMILE: Powerful anti-inflammatory to reduce discomfort such as irritation, tightness and
RHODOSORUS: A powerful soothing seaweed that significantly reduces skin sensitivity.