Osaine Body Firming Sea Cream 


Osaine Body Firming Sea Cream 250ml

Firming Sea Cream for the body Firming Sea Cream  Triple action cream: restructuring, firming and draining, essential to complete the firming treatment as it leaves on his skin an active product.

It is a triple action forming cream: it trains tissues thanks to its high concentration of escin an active ingredient from horse chestnut. Thanks to the marine collagen it prevents sagging and stretch marks

It contains innovative Sea micro-spheres that, once absorbed into the tissues, increase their volume giving tonicity and turgidity.  skin are firmer thanks to Aosa seaweed, which stimulates the production of natural collagen and elastin.  Also ideal to firm the arms tissues and stretch marks.


Apply going back from the ankles to the waist, insisting on the most problematic areas. Massage during application to oxygenate the hypodermis tissues.

formally Bust firming cream

Weight .800 kg


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