Osaine Relaxing Sea Scrub

Relaxes tissues and reactivates superficial microcirculation in order to enhance micro-lymphatic draining.


Osaine Relaxing Sea Scrub 200ml

Osaine Relaxing Sea Scrub This body exfoliating gel contains sea salt, for a purifying, smoothing,  bracing, mineralizing and anti-allergic action.

It reactivates superficial blood microcirculation in preparation for specific treatments and gives the best sea salt elements have to offer.

Various factors affect the sebaceous glands’ physiology.  These factors can increase or decrease the production of sebum: high hormones
levels in the blood (often during adolescence), high environmental temperatures and the presence of a product that degrades testosterone can cause hyperactivity of these glands. The excess sebum remains on the skin’s surface preventing normal desquamation and favouring accumulation of dead cells. Consequently, the outer skin becomes thicker thus generating blackheads and spots that, due to bacteria and fatty acids, become inflamed. The effects are unfortunately very visible: an overall shiny appearance, dilated pores, blackheads, imperfections, thick skin, and inadequate make-up longevity.

The Osaìne Green Line has been conceived to give an immediate solution to these problems by regulating sebaceous secretion, absorbing excess sebum and allowing for better application of makeup, avoiding bacterial proliferation and the formation of fatty acids. This is an extract obtained from the Titraded laminaria seaweed. Thanks to the high percentage of fluorotannins, minerals, nutrient elements and sugars it contains, this seaweed is used to fight the proliferation of bacteria in oily skin. When infection occurs, micro-organisms such as Staphylococcus and tyrosporum Ovale release enzymes, such as lipase and protease that destroy triglycerides of the sebum, and transform them into free fatty acids. These acids set off a process of inflammation and hyper-cornification of the follicle, with the resulting formation of cysts, pimples and blackheads. Laminargane reduces the growth and proliferation of bacteria and inhibits the breakdown of the testosterone found in the sebum, dihydroxytestosterone, which has been proven to be the cause of inadequate functioning of the sebaceous glands


Quintessential Elements

– Gulf Stream Seawater
– Bioplasma, a plankton seaweed extract that enhances cell metabolism by heightening their energetic level; it protects cells against UV- rays and free radical damage,
enhances ATP synthesis and improves cellular well-being.


Distribute onto dry skin.   Using circular gently massage motions, until the
desired smoothing action is achieved.

For leg treatment, always start from ankles upwards, in order to enhance micro-lymphatic draining massage.
Purifies skin, eliminates dead cells, impurities and toxins.

Relaxes tissues and reactivates superficial microcirculation in preparation for specific treatments.

Weight .05 kg


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