Osaine Aosomask Firming Mask


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An intensive, nourishing and moisturising mask developed to satisfy the needs of mature skin.


Osaine Aosomask Firming Mask

Osaine Aosomask Firming Mask is an intensive, nourishing and moisturizing mask; I can be used on the face and neck area. It was developed to satisfy the needs of mature skin.  This group of skincare products solves the problems of demanding skin -fatigued skin, that suffers from reduced elasticity, moisture, and softness of tissues.  The ageing process naturally causes elasticity, also drastic dieting, prolonged periods of stress, excessive exposure to the sun, frequent UVA tanning sessions and cold or wind.

Osaine Aosomask Firming Mask helps facial skin repair more rapidly and rediscover its natural vitality.  Osaìne has created specific formulas based on the properties of the Ulva Lactuca seaweed.

Quintessential Elements

Marine collagen reduces the formation of wrinkles.
Ulva lactuca seaweed (Aosaine®) stimulates the production of elastin and collagen.
Vegetable proteins provide a natural lifting effect.

Apply to a perfectly cleansed face and neck.  Leave on 10 minutes minimum then remove with a facial tissue.

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Osaine Aosapearl Enlightening Glowing Cream

Osaine Aosapearl Enlightening Glowing Cream Multi-active high nutrition cream for a skin appearing more glowing, tonic and young. The rich concentration of seaweed extracts improves dermal elasticity while preventing enzymatic degradation that leads to wrinkles. The pearl powder’s brightening action makes it an essential accessory for all occasions when a fresher and more glowing look is sought.  Anti-ageing Cream for mature skins enriched with sea collagen and Vitamin C. 

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