Osaine Enterline Desensitising Mask

Clearing Gel Mask for sensitive, thin and Couperose-affected skins.


Osaine Enterline Desensitising Mask 100ml

Osaine Enterline Desensitising Mask, Great for sensitive and Couperose-affected skins.  It desensitises and reduces skin’s reactivity to neuro-sensorial stimuli. Couperose (acne rosacea) is normally found in thin and sensitive skin types. Couperose can also appear on mixed and oily skin types. This condition is brought on by capillary fragility and imperfect superficial circulation.   Couperose cases may appear after persistent skin congestion and a progressive loss of tissue elasticity. Enteromorpha compressa enhances capillary permeability and skin thickness. It protects the skin’s neurotransmitters in reducing irritations, redness and erythema.

To Enhance the effectiveness of the treatment, some Vasoprotectors of vegetal origin such as routine and ruscogenine have been added. These are mainly used in pharmaceutical capillary protection.

Quintessential Elements

Sea water
Enteromorfa compressa seaweed (Enteline®) protects neurotransmitters and reduces inflammations and sensitising.
Aloe Vera Gel freshens skin and reduces redness.
Rutimine, an active fraction of Rutine, strengthens capillaries and enhance their permeability.
Zinc Oxide protects sensitive zones.
18-‚-glycoirretic Acid Phytosoma acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Osaine Enterline Desensitising Mask, Application:

Apply to cleansed face and leave on for 20 minutes. Wipe off with tissue paper, then brace and finish by applying Enteline Serum and a cream suitable for your skin type.


Range sensitive

Weight .05 kg


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