Moisturiser without Toner

Moisturiser without Toner

Firstly, Moisturiser without Toner Did you know, that you use 1/3 more moisturiser if you don’t use Toner?
Consequently, toner hydrates the outer layer of the skin called the Epidermis. Therefore, having a hydrated epidermis allows the moisturizer to penetrate deep down into the inner layer of the skin, called the dermis.

pH Balanced – Gentle and Refreshing

Hence, Scientifically formulated with natural extracts and actives… extremely gentle for your skin.

Common ingredients contained in toners and how they work

Witch Hazel: A powerful astringent to keep the skin free from excess oil.
White Willow Bark:  Clears congested pores, excess oil and dead skin cells.
Aloe Vera:  Boost of moisture.
Cucumber & Neroli Fragrance:  Helps to calm the skin.


Apply to face morning and night.  After application, let the skin dry, before applying your usual skincare.


A common mistake oily skin types make is in over cleansing, which strips the skin of its natural oils.  If the skin is dehydrated the skin compensates by producing more oil & more shine resulting in clogged pores and breakouts.   Dehydrated skin gives the appearance of the skin looking older; as lines and wrinkles become more noticeable.   The best and quickest fix is Sodium Hyaluronate Serum.   A water-based moisturizer with very little oil like Algologie’s Anti-Shine Moisturizer recommended and always remember that Fleur de Mer’s Tinted Sunscreens contain very little oil and leave skin with a perfectly matt finish.



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