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Skin Advice Vitamin C and Collagen Goodness

Skin Advice Vitamin C and Collagen Goodness


The sun directly contributes to the degradation of collagen in our skin.  Quite simply – the less collagen in our skin the more sagging the more wrinkles the quicker the ageing.

By introducing collagen to the skin with peptides to stimulate the growth of collagen you are fighting the collagen depletion.   Vitamin C is known for benefiting and supporting collagen.  Together Collagen and Vitamin C’s AntiOxidant value work hand in hand to firm and strengthen the skin.  This will give a  recognisable anti-ageing appearance and healthy skin glow.

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How to get the best results from Fleur De Mer Collagen Drops and Vitamin C…

For best results use morning and night. Apply to face perfectly cleansed and dried. Gently massage in approximately 6 drops to each side of face and eyes area, until completely absorbed.  Apply your usual skin care and sunblocks etc.

Vitamin C Serum application is best at Night. If Vitamin C is applied of a morning, stay out of the sunlight and wear sunscreen.  There will be protection from free radicals, however, Strong sunlight can oxidize the serum on your skin.

FleurDeMer Vitamin C 20% & Collagen deal is great for the intense combination of these two serums that work in unison.  They will give quick results, with effervescence and vitality back into your skin.