Osaine Aosaserum Anti Wrinkle Serum

Highly nourishing serum base, for face, neck and decolletè.


Osaine Aosaserum Anti Wrinkle Serum

Osaine Aosaserum Anti Wrinkle Serum is a highly nourishing serum base, for face, neck and decolletè. This group of skincare products solves the problems of demanding skin – fatigued skin that suffers from reduced elasticity, moisture, and softness of tissues. The causes of these conditions could be, of course, the ageing process, but also drastic dieting, prolonged periods of stress, excessive exposure to the sun or frequent UVA tanning sessions, cold or wind. To help facial skin repair more rapidly and rediscover its natural vitality, Osaìne has created specific formulas based on the properties of the Ulva lactuca seaweed.

Quintessential Elements

Sea water.
Marine collagen reduces the formation of wrinkles.
Ulva lactuca seaweed (Aosaine®) stimulates the production of
elastin and collagen.
Type 3 ceramide fills out lines and imperfections.

Osaine Aosaserum Anti Wrinkle Serum Application

Apply to the face and neck. Massage in a circular motion until
complete absorption. Always use before applying the cream.


This group of products is designed to solve the problems of demanding skin: fatigued skin suffering from decreased At elasticity and hydration. To help the facial epidermis to renew itself more quickly and find its natural vitality, Osaìne has developed formulas based on the qualities of the alga Ulva lactuca.

Aosaine® It is an extract of the alga Ulva lactuca That grows on the cliffs of the Bréhat archipelago, Which helps to preserve the integrity of the elastic fibres of the tissues by inhibiting the action of elastase, the enzyme degrades the proteins of That ‘elastin and collagen, leading to an improvement in cellular respiration, an INCREASE in tissue regeneration with visible reduction of wrinkles. 

Kelpadelie® The natural ageing of the skin is caused by ageing and damage caused by ultraviolet rays. These two factors, in fact, stimulate enzymes That can degrade collagen and elastin, proteins That fundamental to give the skin compact and elastic structure. 

Studies Carried Out on seaweed Macrocystis pyrifera have shown it That Produces a substance, Kelpadelie, Which can block enzymes That Break Down These proteins. Kelpadelie Therefore, used in face creams, Prevents the reduction of collagen and elastin by slowing the ageing of tissues.

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