DesVagues Hydra Exfoliating Cream

A melting cream texture with fine exfoliating particles ...Des Vagues Hydra exfoliant is a 2-in-1 product,
 it hydrates the skin during exfoliation! Ideal for reviving all the radiance of your complexion for sunny days.
A fresh and creamy scrub that gently removes dead cells and impurities while hydrating the skin!



DesVagues Hydra Exfoliating Cream

DesVagues Hydra Exfoliating Cream A very soft creamy texture with ultra-fine exfoliating particles. Consequently Dry, dehydrated skin prevents active treatments from penetrating skin. Exfoliation will help to treat dry dehydrated skin so it is essential to include it in your treatment. It also provides in the quickest time a lovelier more youthful-looking complexion and skin is now ready to receive treatments.

Waves Scrub – Hydra-Freshness Exfoliating Cream A fresh and creamy scrub that gently removes dead cells and impurities while hydrating the skin!

Bambusa Vulgaris Leaf/Stem Extract and Jojoba Oil Esters (Fine Granules): Very gently but very
effectively eliminate blocking dead skin cells and impurities allowing active treatments to penetrate and
treat dry, dehydrated skin.

Algo4 Marine Extract Complex: To Protect, oxygenate, nourish and stimulate the skin.
Codium: Acts as a natural moisturizing factor.
Salicornia: Reduces trans-epidermal water loss.
Coconut Oil, Cucumber Extract & Vitamin E: Switch on the freshness and radiance of the
Dehydro-Acetic Acid: Dissolves away dead skin cells aiding beauty.

Apply a small amount to wet skin on the face and neck. Massage gently in a circular motion and rinse

Algo 4 Complex


Algo4 Complex contains 4 SEAWEED EXTRACTS THAT COMBINE TO PROTECT, OXYGENATE, STIMULATE AND NOURISH OUR SKIN AS NEVER BEFORE: Undaria, Porphyridium, Eryngium and Crithmum sea plants.

Consequently, Our research laboratory studied hydration mechanisms in detail, to find deep-acting formulas.  Algologie offers you a complete and innovative solution for moisturizing the skin:
1. PRESERVES its hydration level with codium
2. PROTECTS the hydro-lipid film to limit water evaporation with Christe Marine
3. BOOSTS The hydration system with Salicornia extract.

1. You will never get the best from your skincare if you have dry dehydrated skin. Satisfactory
penetration of active ingredients is just not possible.
2. Therefore Skin is going to look younger, more beautiful and more comfortable when no longer dry or dehydrated.
3. This is the second-largest skincare range demanded internationally after anti-ageing.

Therefore the waters of the icy Gulf Stream Algologie extracted its powerful active hydrating ingredients Consequently, Like a
powerful wave of hydration, these natural and fresh formulas intensely hydrate the skin. It is as beautiful a process as ever. 6 products that simply melt into the skin leaving an incredible feeling of freshness and comfort.

Algologie Des Vagues Hydra Replenishing Sleeping Mask

Algologie Des Vagues Hydra Replenishing Booster Night Serum

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