How Much Skin Product

I’m always asked How Much Skin Product should I use?  The only added extra I have is an application of another serum.  I love 💗 doubling up my serums in a single application.   Try mixing Algologie Centella Asiatica Gel and Fleurdemer Collagen Drops or Stem Cell Serum together.  Top that with a treatment creme over the top.  Stimulating Collagen production, with Tetrapeptides and skin healing, are beneficial to any skincare regimen.

How Much Skin Product, depending on the type and texture of the product, this will normally be in on the label of the product.

The diagram above gives you a basic idea of how little product you need when using good quality salon-only products.  This makes them good quality and good value.


Fleur De Mer



Cleanser / Tonic

Exfoliator / Peel / Polish




Eye creme