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How do I Know if I’m Dehydrated

How do I Know if I'm Dehydrated

How do I Know if I’m Dehydrated

How do I Know if I’m Dehydrated : Staying hydrated with fluid intake helps keep you well hydrated. There are so many incredible benefits for your health, skin and mind that make drinking water, JUST MAKES PURE SENSE.


If you drink a lot of water but aren’t sure if it’s enough, here are some telltale signs that you’re dehydrated.


Feeling Thirsty

This is the most obvious one. Being thirsty is the body’s first indicator of dehydration. If you’re feeling thirsty, it’s a sure sign that you need to hydrate.

Urine Colour

The colour of your wee is a good indicator if you need to drink more water. If your hydrated, your wee should be a pale lemon colour.  when your wee is a yellowish colour or darker you need to drink more.    I know this is a well-known fact, however, we’re often too busy to notice, and don’t even take heed of one of the most obvious telltale signs.



There are many reasons why you might have a headache, often dehydration can be the biggest reason. If

your body is dehydrated, this may present in the form of a headache.


The Skin Elasticity 

Lack of water can cause a decrease in the elasticity of your skin, dryness and clarity leaving its overall appearance dull.  When your skin isn’t feeling hydrated and looking hydrated,  it probably needs a real conscious effort to drink more water and add a booster the skin with a serum.

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?  SIMPLY DRINK MORE WATER!!