FleurDeMer Cosmeceuticals

FLEUR DE MER Cosmeceutical Skin Care

FLEUR DE MER Cosmeceutical Skin Care

FLEUR DE MER Cosmeceutical Skin Care

Cosmeceutical Skin Care that gets truly great results at an affordable price.

NON SURGICAL SKIN CARE Made in Australia for Australian Conditions… SAFE … EFFECTIVE … AFFORDABLE

FLEUR DE MER  is a privately owned Australian company. Its cosmeceutical products are formulated with unique technology to provide quick, visible results to satisfy the huge demand for non-surgical skin care in Australia.

This highly active range includes safe product and treatment alternatives to expensive and painful injections and is all formulated to provide very noticeable and fast skin improvements.  

Injectables may give good results, however, it’s paramount to use good quality skin care to achieve and maintain the texture and the health of your skin.  Without the base of a lovely healthy skin, injectables don’t look as natural.   If the skin has excess head skin cells and needs exfoliating.  The skin will remain to look like it has clogged large pores.  Injectables don’t take away the look of unhealthy skin.

Treatments include, but are not confined to Pure Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) powerful Fruit Acid (Glycolic, Lactic etc) Peels, gentle Enzyme Peels, highly concentrated Vitamin A, B & C Serums, Collagen Drops, Microdermabrasion Skin Polish and the very latest international skin care discovery being a Stem Cell Anti Ageing Serum with unprecedented results.