Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency

Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency in the skin

Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency in the skin can cause a real inflamed, dry-looking skin.   It can be a little tricky to pick up on the lipid deficiency as it can sometimes just look like a rash.

This Skin is totally deprived of essential fatty acids. This deficiency is common in more mature Australian skins, and winter will bring on
the symptoms of these conditions more than ever.

Ensure you use a twice-daily dose of EFA’s (essential fatty acids) Fleur De Mer, Anti-Age Lipids serum.

To be applied under your treatment cream.

Use twice a day for one week.   Follow up once or twice weekly to keep a reservoir of lipids within the skin.

For winter skin Regenerative Balm is the best treatment cream as it will leave a protective barrier to the skin.

Anti-Age Lipids serum

Regenerative Balm